Monthly PS Town Hall Meeting on Zoom – 9 January 2021 – 3 pm EST

January’s meeting starts the New Year off with a visit to the Society’s nerve center, the office of Fr. Michael “Tad” Parks, our Executive Director and Historian! Tad will take us on a short virtual tour and run through our process of identifying lines, and define things like Lineage Keys, Lineage Binders, Immigrant lines, Fragment Lines, and how our family group sheets work.

This whirlwind tour will be followed, as usual, by an open-ended forum for attendees to ask questions about anything on their minds relating to the Society, genealogy questions, DNA testing, or any other topic that’s of interest.

To join us, simply contact President Susan Van Allen at the email address listed on our website or in your newsletter and be sure to identify yourself using your PS member number. If you have attended one of our sessions in the past, the same link will work for every regularly-scheduled monthly Town Hall meeting. See you there!