Monthly Town Hall Meeting – June 12, 2021 at 3 pm Eastern Time

Please join us this Saturday, June 12th, as Fr. Michael “Tad” Parks explains the Parke Society’s unique system for identifying both the many different Park/e/s lineages in our database, as well as the individuals within those lineages. The Lineage Key system, or LK for short, is not as complicated as it seems to those unfamiliar with it, and once the basic concept is understood, enables us to quickly identify a Park/e/s individual without confusion or a great deal of additional identifying verbiage.

Following the short presentation, as always, the floor will be open for discussion or questions about this or any other topic attendees may wish to raise. If you have attended a meeting in the past, your link from previous meetings should work, but in any case a join link may be obtained by contacting Parke Society President, Susan Van Allen at her email listed on the Parke Society webpage or in our newsletter. Meetings are open to Society members and to those interested in joining.