Monthly Town Hall Meeting – 8 October, 2022 at 3pm Eastern Time

Please join us this Saturday, October 8th, at 3pm Eastern Time for another Parke Society Town Hall meeting online via Zoom. Open to all Parke Society members and interested non-members alike.

Last month’s discussion focussed on ways to increase participation by our members in the “back office” functions of the Society, and several good suggestions came out of that brainstorming session. Then our annual Parke Society meetings took place at the end of September, and this month’s Town Hall meeting will feature some of the ideas and action items that came out of all of these meetings. Please join us to learn about what’s planned for the coming months, and bring along any more ideas, thoughts, or comments you might have. Your input is welcomed and valuable to us!

To join the meeting, contact Parke Society President Susan Van Allen at for the join authorization credentials. If you have attended a town hall meeting in the past, the same join credentials will work for this meeting. And when you join the zoom meeting, don’t forget to add your Parke Society member number to your name on the screen!