Group 009: I-M253 LK=CU

67656: LK=CU 37 marker test

Note: 67656 shows a strong genetic connection to numerous individuals in FTDNA database with surname PERKINS.

Earliest known ancestor is Silas Leonard PARKS (b. 1801 Vt.-d. 12 April 1876 Genesee Co. Mich.). Silas Leonard PARKS lived in Chenango, Broome Co. N.Y. in the 1820s before moving to Michigan.

  • Silas Leonard PARKS (01CU1) (b. 1801 Vt.-d. 12 April 1876 Genesee Co. Mich.)
  • William J. PARKS (02CU1) (b. 1835 or 1837 Monroe Co. Mich.-d. 1913 Shiawassee Co. Mich.)
  • Charles A. PARKS (03CU1) (b. 1861 Shiawassee Co. Mich.-d. 1903 Shiawassee Co. Mich.)
  • Wellington L. PARKS (04CU1) (b. 1890 Shiawassee Co. Mich.-d. 1977 Genesee Co. Mich.)
  • Participant (05CU4) is brother of PS#842.