Group 022: R-M198 LK=NP

456702: 111 marker test

  • James PARK b. unk. Toronto, Ontario, Canada-d. 1893 Oxford East, Ontario, Canada m. Frances “Fanny” PETCH
  • Benjamin J. PARK b. 1 Mar 1859 Oxford, Ontario, Canada-d. 30 Dec 1942 Brandon, Manitoba, Canada m. Ida Etta GILLAM
  • Alfred Lloyd PARK b. 5 Dec 1885 or 24 Mar 1886 Oxford, Ontario, Canada-d. 1954 RM Clanwilliam, Manitoba, Canada m. Ethel Vaughan BOTSFORD
  • Norman Elder PARK b. 3 Oct 1925 Swan River, Manitoba, Canada-d. 19 Sep 1992 Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Calif.
  • Participant

N46461: 12 marker test

No lineage information at present. Participant, who comes to us from the Genographic Project, bears the surname PARK and lives in New Zealand. N46461 is a 12/12 match with 43208 and B6672 below.

43208: LK=NP 37 marker test

  • John PARK Sr. (01NP1) (b. ca. 1746 -d. unk. m. Susanna POOLE (b. ca. 1784 Md.-d. 1874 Penn.) [Yes, there is a vast age difference, but not impossible.]
  • John PARK Jr. (02NP2) (b. ca. 1810 Penn.-d. 1875 Mich. m. Angelina FRIZ)
  • William Henry PARKS (03NP13) (b. 1840 N.Y.-d. 1927 Okla. m. Sarah Ann FLISHER)
  • Charles Custer PARKS (04NP74) (b. 1882-d. 1952 m. Della Estelle WILKINS)
  • Ralph Albert PARKS (05NP222) (b. 1905 Cal.-d. 1971 Cal.)
  • Participant (06NP668) is PS#1470 (deceased)

B6672: 67 marker test (Family Finder)

Participant is a PARK. No lineage information at present.

Pending: 67 marker test. Test participant invited to join Park/e/s project:

Participant’s earliest known ancestor is a George Parks b. County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

  • George PARKS b. unk.
  • George PARKS b. ca. 1835 County Armagh, Northern Ireland-d. unk. m. 2 May 1856 Middletown, County Armagh, Northern Ireland Catherine HUGHES
  • Robert PARKS b. 4 Aug 1867 Middletown, County Armagh, Northern Ireland-d. 24 November 1912 Omaha, Douglas Co. Nebraska m. 1900 Kansas City, Kansas Cecilia O’CONNELL
  • William George PARKS b. 1904-d. 1987 m. Josephine Jean REYNOLDS
  • Roland W. PARKS Sr. b. 1 Nov 1929-d. 18 May 2021 m. ca. 1956 Ala. Dorothy M. CRUISE
  • Participant