Parke Society Monthly Town Hall 13 February 2021 – 3 pm EST

Park/e/s in the South

Where They Came From – How They Got Here – Where They Went

As the old song goes, “Are You from Dixie?” Or are your Park/e/s ancestors? If so, you’ll want to join us as Ken Parks talks about which areas of the British Isles various Park/e/s lineages came from, where they tended to settle in the New World, and how they migrated once they got here.

Even if your roots are not in the South, there is much interesting information of a more general nature to be gleaned from this talk, so we hope one and all will gather on Saturday, 13 February, at 3 pm Eastern time. As usual, there will be time at the end of the talk to ask questions on any topic of interest, and chat amongst ourselves. So brew a cup of steaming coffee, or cocoa, or any other mid-winter libation and join us!

If you’ve attended previous Town Hall meetings, the Zoom invitation for those meetings is still valid. If you’ve misplaced it, or are a new attendee, simply email Parke Society President Susan Van Allen and request the link. Susan’s email address can be found in our newsletters, or on the Officers page on the Parke Society website. Members and non-members are both welcome!

Monthly PS Town Hall Meeting on Zoom – 9 January 2021 – 3 pm EST

January’s meeting starts the New Year off with a visit to the Society’s nerve center, the office of Fr. Michael “Tad” Parks, our Executive Director and Historian! Tad will take us on a short virtual tour and run through our process of identifying lines, and define things like Lineage Keys, Lineage Binders, Immigrant lines, Fragment Lines, and how our family group sheets work.

This whirlwind tour will be followed, as usual, by an open-ended forum for attendees to ask questions about anything on their minds relating to the Society, genealogy questions, DNA testing, or any other topic that’s of interest.

To join us, simply contact President Susan Van Allen at the email address listed on our website or in your newsletter and be sure to identify yourself using your PS member number. If you have attended one of our sessions in the past, the same link will work for every regularly-scheduled monthly Town Hall meeting. See you there!

Monthly PS Zoom meetings

Questions about DNA testing? Parke Society members can join our monthly Zoom meeting and get some answers! At this month’s meeting, Ken Parks, Park/e/s DNA Surname Project administrator, will give a short talk about autosomal DNA testing (Ancestry, 23andMe, Family Finder, etc.) and then open up the meeting for your questions on any type of DNA testing. Join us at 3 pm on Saturday, 12 December 2020. To receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting, simply contact PS President Susan Van Allen at her email address, found on our PS website or in your latest newsletter!

We’re Still Here!

Due to reasons not worth going into, we have not been posting here for quite some time, and several potential members have contacted us to ask whether we’re “still in business.” Quite understandable, and we’ll be making an effort to keep posting here with more up-to-date information.

But yes, the Parke Society is very much alive and well, and we look forward to hearing from anyone interested in joining, so stay tuned for more…

Parke Society 2014 Convocation

Parke Society 2014 Convocation

Arrangements are set for the Parke Society’s 2014 Convocation! More detail can be found in your Parke Society newsletter.

Parke Society 2014 Convocation

Thursday through Saturday, August 21—23, 2014

Here’s what you need to do to register for the 50th Anniversary Convocation of the Parke Society, to be held at the Lancaster Historical Society, Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

A. Make your hotel room reservation.

Call the Comfort Inn, Lancaster at 1-717-285-9100 and ask for “The Parke Society block of rooms.” Room rate should be $111.99 plus tax per night. Early check-in and later check-out is optional at the guaranteed block rate, provided rooms are available at time of booking. You may have to spell it out for the reservation clerk, as they may not think of looking under the PARKE spelling. As noted in our newsletter, though the cut-off date for reservations is July 21st, early booking is essential!

B. Complete and mail in your Convocation registration.

Use the reservation request form included in your newsletter, or copy and print the “form” below, along with your check or money order payable to “The Parke Society,” to Ken Parks at the address below.

You will receive a confirmation notice of your registration and a registration packet with directions to the hotel, the Lancaster Historical Society, the banquet location, area attractions, and more Convocation information.

For non-member spouses or friends wishing to attend the Saturday reception and banquet, the cost is $55 per person.


Parke Society 50th Anniversary Convocation, August 21—23, 2014

Yes, we will be attending the 2014 Convocation*

Enclosed is my check for ______ people at $80 per member/$55 per non-member (banquet fee.) (Please make the check or money order payable to The Parke Society).

Name: __________________________________________ PS# __________

Address:  ______________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________________________

State, ZIP:   ____________________________________________________

email address:  _________________________________________________

Mail the completed form, together with your check or money order, to:

Ken Parks

27 Jackson Street #128

Lowell, MA  01852

* Remember: hotel reservations should be made directly with the hotel.     

Down the Rabbit Hole

Wow! Kinda fell down the genealogy rabbit hole today. Downloading Google books, mostly county histories, with Parks references in them, I stumbled on an account of one Xingo Parks, tried and convicted for leading a miner’s strike in Pennsylvania in 1875. With a name like that, I had to go there. Turns out he was the son of an Indiana doctor I’ve been researching for an upcoming Parke Society newsletter article. Xingo Parks served as a 13 year old drummer boy in the CW, seeing action in the battle of Murfreesboro. His father was a CW surgeon, and his stepmother, Dr. Marie J. Parks, was the first female doctor in Indiana. Fascinating family, with several other doctors and others who served in the state legislature. What I envisioned as a two-part article just grew longer!

Join Us in Lancaster!

Join Us in Lancaster!

The dates for our 2014 Parke Society Convocation have been set! We’ll be meeting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania August 21—23 (Thursday through Saturday) at the Lancaster Historical Society.

Full details will be announced formally in the next issue of the Parke Society newsletter, but as soon as arrangements about the convocation hotel location and rates, along with planned events, are finalized, they will appear here and on the Parke Society’s Facebook page.

Mark your calendars, make your vacation arrangements, and plan on joining us in Lancaster for a wonderful, informative meeting with fellow Parke Society members!

End of Year Sale on DNA testing from FTDNA!

End of Year Sale on DNA testing from FTDNA!

As is their custom, the DNA testing firm we use in the Park/e/s DNA project is running a sale with reduced test prices, good until December 31, 2013. If you’ve been considering ordering a DNA test, this would be an ideal time to do so!

To join the Park/e/s DNA project and order a test at the even lower year end prices, go to:

Any questions or if you need more information about DNA testing, feel free to contact me directly at:

Ken Parks PS#1406

President, The Parke Society

Group Administrator, Park/e/s DNA Surname Project

Research Tip O’ the Day

Research Tip O’ the Day

We’re still finding spelling variants for our surname!

A fellow researcher recently referenced a 1790 census listing for James Parx in New Jersey, which was clearly a phonetic spelling by the enumerator of the Parks surname. This led me to wonder how often this spelling might have been used in other censuses and documents used for genealogical research purposes.

A search for the exact spelling “Parx” in results in about 140 hits. I’ve yet to explore them, but a broader Google search may turn up even more. Next time you’re doing a surname search for a Park/e/s ancestor, try plugging in this variant spelling. Though the Soundex search will look for this spelling, other types of searches might miss it.