Group 036: R-M269 LK=HP

52440: LK=HP 67 marker test

NOTE: participant shows no matches in the Park/e/s database, but numerous close genetic matches, including a 67/67 match, with various individuals with the Irwin/Ervin/Irvine/Urwin/etc. surname.

Earliest known ancestor is Samuel PARKS b. unk. & d. unk. Ireland m. Elizabeth McAVOY.

  • Samuel PARKS b. unk.-d. unk. Ireland m. Elizabeth McAVOY
  • Edward PARKS (01HP1) b. 1856 Warington, Co. Armagh? Ire.-d. 1934 NYC, N.Y.
  • William Francis PARKS (02HP7) b. 1899 Brooklyn, Kings Co. N.Y.-d. 1969 Brooklyn, Kings Co. N.Y.
  • Charles Francis PARKS (03HP31) b. 1918 Brooklyn, Kings Co. N.Y.-d. 1963 Brooklyn, Kings Co. N.Y.
  • Participant (04HP93) is husband of PS#1462.