Group 039: R-M269 LK=MN

308962: LK=MN 37 marker test

Earliest known ancestor is Zebulon PARKS (b. ca. 1778 Md.-d. unk. m. Eliza [–?–]). This line is likely connected to LK=VV – earliest known ancestor John PARKS (b. ca. 1660-d. 1709 Accomack Co. Va m1. unk. m2. Mary [–?–]). More test candidates from this area and LK=VV needed to confirm connection.

  • Zebulon PARKS (01MN1) b. ca. 1778 Md.-d. unk. m. Eliza [–?–]
  • Thomas PARKS (02MN1) b. ca. 1810 Md.-d. unk. m. Delilah [–?–]
  • William Conly/Connolly PARKS (03MN5) b. ca. 1840 Md.-d. aft. 1880 m. Pinky WATSON
  • George Conly PARKS (04MN34) b. 1871 Anne Arundel Co. Md.-d. 1935 Anne Arundel Co. Md. m. Margaret Lyles PADDY
  • Alfred Perrie PARKS (05MN146) b. 29 Aug 1920 Anne Arundel Co. Md.-d. 16 Jul 2008 S.C. m. Mary Elizabeth SOLOMON
  • Participant’s father (06MN295)
  • Participant (07MN423) PS#1613.