GROUP 001 Analysis

Here is my analysis of the current results of tests found in this group. This combines the STR marker results with the known lineage information of the participants, as well as any other broader knowledge of the lineages involved found in our Parke Society database. As new test results are added, either through additional participants or upgraded test results, I will reassess this analysis as time permits. Since these pages are available to the general public, no identifying information about the test participants or their contact information will be included here. For test participants wishing that information, please contact the group administrator directly.

I am by no means an expert, so feel free to question or comment on any of this should you have a differing interpretation. I will make suggestions at the conclusion of the analysis regarding recommendations for any upgrades within the group I think could be helpful to answering remaining questions. The concerned test participants should feel free to contact me about upgrades or any other aspect at:

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