Lineage Key Catalog

The Parke Society’s Lineage Key Catalog


Starting with Vol. 45, No. 1 of the Newsletter, we’ve been publishing the Society’s 300+ Lineage Key Catalog, including data as to the founder and other details for the general information of Society members. As more of the catalog appears in the Newsletter, this page will reflect the most recent updates. For a detailed explanation of how the Lineage Key system works, see About the Lineage Key System.

As most Society members know, we keep track of the various Park/e/s lines by assigning them individual lineage keys. A lineage key consists of one or two letters like A, JJ, or RX. When new members join the Society, we try to see if their Park/e/s ancestry matches any existing lineage key. If not, we create a new key. Some lineage keys represent immigrant lines, but often they represent fragment lines: for example, Park/e/s who suddenly appear in Ashton, Ohio, with no reference to where they came from or to whom they are related.

In the course of our work, either through identification of matching individuals, or via DNA evidence, we might discover that a fragment line is actually part of another line, either fragment or immigrant. When that happens, with positive identification, the one line is merged or consolidated into the larger or earlier line, and all group sheets and related materials are relabeled with the new lineage key. Line mergers are indicated in the narrative.

Not all lines have Society members in them, and not all members are active in the Society. The word “represented” following the lineage key in the description indicates that a current member belongs to that line. Where children are listed, if the name is in boldface, then we have descendants from that child; otherwise, we know nothing further. The word “DNA” appears after the lineage key if the line has had DNA testing.

To date, only single-letter keys A-Z are represented on this page. Further Lineage Keys have appeared in the Parke Society Newsletter, with more to come. Eventually, all Lineage Keys will be fully represented on this website.



A William Parke (but line is named for son Arthur). This lineage actually begins with a William Parke b. abt. 1656 in Ulster Prov., Ireland. Recently, there has been some question as to whether this William is the father or grandfather – that perhaps the father was John. (Parke Society Library books.) There may be a connection with lineage Keys JJ, JP, and XW.Five children:
  • William (ca. 1675 Ireland – ?) married Jane Hood (their children came to Chester Co, PA.
  • Arthur (immigrant – Chester Co, PA) (ca. 1677 Ireland, 1740 Octorara, PA) married Mary.
  • Samuel (immigrant) (ca. 1680/88 Ireland, 1768 Waltham, MA).
  • David (immigrant – Chester Co, PA) (ca. 1682 Ireland, before 1740). He is thought but not proven) to be the ancestor of lineage Keys JJ and XW.
  • Jane (immigrant; ca. 1685 Ireland – 1760 Fallowfield, PA) did not marry.
Source Materials: Parke Gildersleeve Genealogy, The Rev'd. Nathaniel G. Parke, (1959); Parks Records, Volume 3, Frank Sylvester Parks, (1925) pgs 41-56; Genealogy of the Parke Families of Massachusetts, Frank Sylvester Parks, (1909); Genealogy of the Parke Family, John P. Wallace (1919), and member's Lineage Applications and Correspondence (see files). Represented; DNA. PS#886, 1442, 1529, 1531, 1568, and a host of others (15) who are no longer living or active)
B Andrew Park (ca. 1720 – ??) married ?? supposedly of County Donegal, Ireland. Perhaps five children (we have vital statistice only for Robert):Robert (ca. 1740 – ??) married ca. 1762 Nancy Aiken. Eight children, for one of which we have issue. We have group sheets for 4 of his children. Possible connection with Lineage Key FU, based on conjectural evidence. Margaret married Patrick Campbell. Supposedly had two sons, surnamed Campbell, also Mary Parks; Nancy Parks; and maybe also a Matthew Parks. This is one of the lines that has been transcribed from earlier compilations, in this case the volume known as Notable Southern Families by Zella Armstrong. This material needs to be used with care. We have no representatives of this line, and obviously no DNA tests.
  • Margaret married Patrick Campbell, supposedly had two sons, surnamed Campbell.
  • Mary Parks.
  • Nancy Parks.
  • Matthew Parks (possible).
Source material: Notable Southern Families Vol. 6 page 87-88.
C Thomas Parkes of Virginia [moniker: Thomas (VA, 1728)] Resident in Virginia by 1728 for sure, perhaps earlier. Born ca. 1670, died in Albermarle Co., VA (based on will probate). This large lineage has an excellent Lineage Leader, many representatives, and several DNA tests. The Society does not believe that Thomas is an immigrant ancestor, but attempts to discover the actual immigrant ancestor have been without success.Eight children:
  • John (1706 – 1791) m. Mary Sharp, 1732; seventeen children.
  • Samuel (ca 1708 – ??) m. Mary North, bef 1730; seven children.
  • Martha (ca. 1710 – ??) m. (Unknown) Russell.
  • Mary (ca. 1712 – after 1779) m. John Bond. Very limited information on offspring.
  • Charles (ca 1718 – ??) m. Susannah (Unknown). Nothing further known.
  • Elizabeth (ca. 1725 – May 1807) m. Christopher Hutchins, ca. 1745. Limited information.
  • Thomas Jr. (ca. 1725 – 1790) m. Priscilla (last name unknown). Eight children.
Source Materials: Notable Southern Families, Zella Armstrong, (1932) Vol. VI, page 111-122 (pertaining to the 2C2 line of Thomas – Thomas); The Rucker Family, Sudie Rucker Wood (1932), pgs. 436-459 (pertaining to the 2C1 line of Thomas – John); The Parks Family, T. Joe Parks, PS#349, (1979), (relating to the 2C2 – 3C21 line of descent to present date); Aaron Parks, His Ancestors and Descendants, Joe Parks, and Joe Parks, PS#349, (1983), (Covers all known descendants of Aaron, 3C21); and member's Lineage Applications and Correspondence (see files). Represented; DNA. (PS#525, Phyllis Kumler, LL; many members in this line, descendants of 2C1, 2C2, and 2C3.) Note: The following keys have been consolidated and merged into Lineage Key C: LX, VV, JU, LW, AX, WT.
D Samuel Parks (1730 – 1796) “From Scotland to Ireland to Charleston, SC, and finally to Amelia Co, VA.” Article in Newsletter Vol. XIX #3, pg. 36. Eight children, all born supposedly in Amelia Co., VA. Samuel died in Amelia Co., VA. Children either went to SC, NC, or GA. of which one “went west.” This is an Immigrant Line.The following is what we know of the children:
  • Thomas (ca. 1750 VA – 1831 SC) married three times; twelve children.
  • James (ca. 1753 VA – 1835 MO) married twice, at least four known children, perhaps more.
  • Other children were John (ca. 1754) married Patsy Church; William (ca. 1751); Mary (ca. 1758) married three times: Stafford, Lawrence and Ballard; Nancy (ca. 1760) married a Kirby; Priscilla (ca. 1762) married a Harwell; and Amelia (ca. 1764) married a Jennings.
Source Materials: A genealogy of the Parks Family, Henry William Clark, (1906), 145 pgs.; and member's Lineage Applications and Correspondence (see files). Represented: PS#1503/1504, 1123R)
E Samuel Park (1730 Ireland – 1794) immigrant on or before 1757 from Ireland to Donegal, Lancaster Co., PA, and in 1777 to Washington Co., PA). He married Margaret Marshall, c. 1757. This is an immigrant line.Five known children.
  • John (1758 PA – 1832) married ca. 1782. Sarah McDowell, ten children.
  • James (1760 PA – 1811) married Isabella Craighead, two children known.
  • Mary (1761 PA – 1831 OH) married ca. 1782 Col. John Marshall, ten children, surnamed Marshall.
  • Isabella (1764 – 1828 IN) married 1784 Robert McGee, five children surnamed McGee.
  • Hugh (1767 PA – ca. 1793) Thought to have not married, no issue.
Source Materials: Biographical Sketch of the Park Family of Washington Co., PA, William J. Park, (1880), 121 pgs.; Genealogy of the John and Sarah (McDowell) Park Family of Washington Co., PA, Robert L. Park, (1930), 53 pgs.; The Genealogies of Clark, Park, Brockman and Dean, Davis and Goss Families, W. H. Park, (1905), Park Section, 145 pgs.
F Thomas Parke [Moniker: Thomas, (PA, 1724)] (1660 Ireland – 1738 PA). Came to America 1724 on "Sizargh" to Philadelphia and on to Chester Co,. married 1692 in Carlow, Ireland to Rebecca Hooper [Ward, Warr]. Quakers from northern Ireland. This is an Immigrant Line.Nine children:
  • *Mary (1863, Ire – ???) who married Thomas Valentine (American Compendium of Genealogy)
  • Susanna, and Jean, who stayed in Ireland.
  • Robert, who never married.
  • *Rebecca (1698, Ire – ???) who married Hugh Stalker.
  • *Rachel (1700, Ire – ???) who married William Robinson
  • *Thomas (1705, Ire – 1758) who married Jane Edge and had 7 children
  • *Abel (1707, Ire – ???) who married Deborah (Unknown)
  • *Jonathan (02F9) (1709, Ire – 1767, PA), married Deborah Taylor, 7 Children.
  • *Elizabeth (1711, Ire – 1746), married John Jackson, three children.
Source Materials:A Short account of Owen Biddle, H. D. Biddle, (1892). Genealogical Notes on Lloyd, Pemberton, Hutchinson, Hudson, and Parke, James P. Parke, and Townsend Ward, (1899). Thomas Parke and Rebecca Hooper of Chester Co., PA, Ernestine Moss, (1982). (This last volume is in the Parke Society Library.) Also an entry in the American Compendium of Genealogy, Frederick Adams Virkus, (1942), Vol. VII:616 concerning the first child. Further information obtained from member's Lineage Applications and Correspondence (see files). We have some records for the issue of those marked with an *, but in most cases the information is limited. Represented: PS# 886, 1227, 1529, 517D, 1145R, 1057D)
G James Park(s) (1724 – 1769 VA). Immigrated from Northern Ireland to Prince Edward Co., VA before 1756. He married probably before 1756, Mary Fulton. All six known children, born in Virginia. This is an Immigrant Line.
  • James (2G1) (1756, VA – 1823, GA) m1) Mary Sankey, 2 Children; m2) Phoebe Hogue, 15 children.
  • Joseph (2G2) (ca. 1735, VA – 1808, GA) married Elizabeth Sankey, 2 children
  • Mary (2G5) (1748, VA – 1834, IN) married Robert Hanna, 9 children.
  • Also Ezekial Evans (1757,VA), who married Susan Smythe; Catherine (1743,VA0, who married Andrew Wallace; and Margaret Parks (1746,VA), who married Douglas Watson.
Source Materials: The Billingsley Family, H. A. Davis, (1936), Pgs. 508-10; House of Hanna, Sarah A. Hanna, (1906), pgs. 25-27. 125-130; further information obtained from member's Lineage Applications and Correspondence (see files). Represented: PS#216, 1079, 576D. 657D, 1262R)
H Edward Parks of Guilford, CT [moniker: Edward (CT, 1670)] (ca. 1645 England – 1690 CT), married 1667/69 to Deliverance French at Killingworth, CT. Arrived there ca. 1670. (Parke Society Lib. book.) A tailor.Five children:
  • Nathaniel (1678 CT – 1764 CT) married 1703 Abigail Hughes. Three children known.
  • The other children were: Mary, Joseph, Thankfull, and Christopher
Represented: PS#148R, 444R, 567R, 899R, and 977R (none are currently active, some may be diseased)
I Known as the Mungo Park line in honor of the Scotch Explorer of Africa, born 1771, it traces back to an Archibald Park in Scotland (1682 – 1768). The immigrant ancestor is David Park (1833 England – 1913 probably Ontario, Canada) who married in 1854, Julia Ann Gardiner in England. David (1I1) Park (engineer) came to Chatham, ONT in 1866. This is an immigrant line.Ten children, six of whom were born in England, the remaining four in Ontario or Muskegon, MI. We have issue only for one.
  • David Gardiner Park (1855 England – 1892 Ontario) married Jane Robertson, three children
  • Other children were: Archibald (1856), married Albertina Amada Thompson; John Mungo (1860), married (1) Emma (unknown), married (2)Annie Jane McDonnald; Janet Gardiner (1862), married H. Gordon Gorham; Jane Murray (1863); George Paton Gardiner (1865); Augustus (1869); James (1871); Marion Jemima (1873), married Dr. Joseph Work;and George, married Annie May (unknown).
Source Marerials: Membership applications. There are probsably other references found in the member's files, but they have not been researched as yet. Represented: PS#1065, 705,248D, 1077R)
J Alexander Park (ca. 1688 Scotland – 1760/2 Windham, NH) married before 1717 probably in Ireland, Margaret Waugh. Alexander immigrated from Antrim, IRE to MA ca. 1728/9 thence to Methuen, and finally to Windham, NH by c. 1733. Seven children. This is an immigrant line.Seven children:
  • Robert (1717, Ire – 1788 NH) married Jane Wear, 8 children.
  • Jennet (ca. 1719 Ire – 1800) who married a John Park, (heritage unknown) 6 children.
  • Alexander (1724 Ire – 1808 NH) married Sarah Maxwell, 5 children.
  • Sarah (ca. 1726 Ire – after 1793) married Charter Robert Boyes as his second wife, 6 children.
  • Joseph (1729 at sea – 1762 NH) married Alice Boyd, only oje child known – may have had others.
  • Thomas (ca. 1722 – died young)
  • Mary who married Hugh Smiley.
Source materials: volume on Parke Genealogy of Massachusettes. Frank Sylvester Parks (1909), pgs 178-193. Also History of Windham, NH. Leonard Allison Morrison (1883), pgs 713-719, Descendants of Thomas Farr, Edith Bartlett Sumner (1959).
K Roger Parke (1648 England – ca. 1739 NJ) [Moniker: Roger (WJ, 1682, K)] m. 1676 England, Ann Patison. Immigrated from England to New (West) Jersey ca 1682. This large lineage has a Lineage Leader, many representatives, and several DNA tests. This is an Immigrant Line.Three known children:
  • Anne (1676 England – ca. 1699 NJ) Nothing further known.
  • John (1677 England – ca. 1757) m. Sarah Smith, ca. 1700; four children known.
  • Roger (1684 NJ – 1755 NJ). Spouse's name is unknown; eleven children.
Represented; DNA. PS#1331LL, #535 Past LL, and many members, some of which are still active. Source Materials: Roger Parke, Immigrant: England – West Jersey 1682 (Descendants and Related Lines), Cecilia Kasberg Parke (2000) [This is the main research of Cecilia from years of research.] Also various references are made to this Park/e/s family in early records of west and then New Jersey. Finally, further information obtained from members' Lineage and Applications and Correspondence (see files). The following lineage keys have been merged into Lineage Key K: FX, M, N, Q, ZV, MV, MX, QX, NX, DY, DS, IV, MS, and PV.
L Roger Parke of Rye, NY (ca. 1638 – ca. 1690). Many questions concerning this particular line. DNA is needed to sort out this line, but so far no suitable male heir has been found to accomplish this. This Roger supposedly married twice, secondly to a Sophia Jans Claes. Three children are listed but it is clear that there are erroneous claims here. While the generation 01L1, has many doubts (see Note, below), things start to get clearer once we get to the third generation:
  • Roger (3L21) (ca. 1714, NY – 1788) a yeoman, m. Sarah Disbrow, 6 children.
  • Thomas (3L24) (1720, NY – after 1787, NY), m. Martha Carpenter in 1747, 9 childrn.
  • Charlotte (3L26) (ca. 1725, NY – after 1784), m. Benjamin Haviland, perhaps 14 children.
Represented: PS#339D, 528D, 684R, 1291R [none currently active, some may be diseased]) Note: The main source is an article in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. XLIX, 1918, pgs 295-2976, 382-383. Reference is also made to this Roger in FS Parks, Vol. III, p. 73, and in Families of Rye, pp. 431ff. It was substantially confused by the Becker work, The Parke Family, (1979) which made unwarranted assumptions. Currently there is no active member in this line, and no male Park/e/s heir known from which we might work on DNA testing. And of course there is further information obtained from members' Lineage Application and Correspondence (see files). Source Materials (some of which have added to the confusion surrounding this lineage key): Park Records, Volume 3, Frank Sylvester Parks, (1925) pages 73-79, regarding the NY line; The Parke Family, Dorothy Becker, PS#368, (1979), regarding the NJ line most of which can now be identified with the Lineage Key "K"; Families of Rye, pages 431-433, concerning the NY line; NY Genealogical and Biological Record, Volume XLIX, 1918, "Genealogical Gleanings from Land and Probate Records at White Plains and Rye, NY" pgs. 295-297, 382-383; and many other works (see Lineage Binder).
M Noah Parke (01M1) of Rowan Co., NC, has been merged into LK= K to become Noah (04K6).
N Nathan Parke (01N1) of NJ, has been merged into LK= K to become Nathan (03K29).
O John Park (ca. 1760, Ireland – ???) married in 1797, Mary Ann McGee. Immigrated from Belfast, N Ireland c. 1760 to Pittsburgh, PA.
  • John E. Parke (1807 – ???) m. Jane Hannen. Many children, of which only one is named.
Source Material: This entry was written up based up an entry from the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, Vol. 35: P. 393, concerning the ancestry of one Harry Wiswall Parke of Toledo, OH, merchant and public servant. Information found on Group sheets for birth cannot be correct if he is supposed to have come to this country in 1760. Little is known of this line. There is no representatives of this line in The Society, and no DNA tests.
P Peter Parke of CT (b.1726, perhaps Scotland – ??). He married 1748 Lucy McDowell at Stonington, CT. Perhaps immigrated from Scotland, though there is no proof of this as yet. Resided in CT in 1738. Ten children, but issue is documented for only two of them. All the children were born in Stonington, CT. This line is frequently referred to as Chart 17. This supposedly is an immigrant line but yet to be fully proved.
  • Melvin (2P2) (1751 CT – 1804) m. Margaret Palmer, Ten children.
  • Elizabeth, (2P9) (1765, CT – ???), m. Ciprian Cook, had issue named Cook.
  • Other children are: Lucy (1748); William (1753); Elijah (1755); Mary (1757) Peleg (1759); Asa (1761); Mercy (1763); and Sally (1770).
Represented; DNA. PS#94, 110, 263, 264, 1D, 8D, 77D, 80R, 96R, 122D, 373R, 611R, 629R, 880R. Source materials: Genealogy of the Parke Families in Connecticut, Frank Sylvester Parks,(1906), pgs. 257-262, Peter Parke of Stonington, The rev'd. C.C. Park (1876) 53 pages. And of course there is further information obtained from members' Lineage Applications and Correspondence (see files).
Q John Parke (01Q1) of Virginia, has been merged into LK= K to become John (03K1).
R Richard Parke (ca. 1602 England – 1665 MA) [Moniker: Richard (MA, 1635,R)]. A miller from England to Watertown, MA 1635 aboard the Defence; m. (1) in England Margery (Crane?), four children, named below; m. (2) after 1656, Sarah (Collier) Brewster, widdow of Love Brewster, no issue. This is an Immigrant Line.
  • Richard (2R1) (ca. 1628 – ca. 1711) m. Mary (Unknown), two children known. There is some debate as to the existance of this Richard: F.S. Parks deals with this in his Massachusettes volume on this line. Descendants of this line have a Lineage Key of R1 in the membership database.
  • Thomas (2R2) (1628. England – 1690, MA) m. Abigail Dix, nine children. Descendants of this line have a Lineage Key of R2 in the membership database.
  • Isabel (2R3) (ca. 1628, England – 1665, MA) m. Frances Whitmore; seven children. Descendants of this line have a Lineage Key of R3 in the membership database.
  • Elizabeth (ca. 1631, England – 1690, MA) m. Edward Winship; seven children. Descendants of this line have a Lineage Key of R4 in the membership database.
Note: There is sometimes a reference made to a Sarah Parke born of the marriage of Richard and Sarah (Collier) Brewster, widow of Love Brewster. We believe that this is a mis-identification with the Sarah Parke (3R7) daughter of Thomas (2R2) and Abigail Dix. There has been much confusion over this Richard, due to an assumption made in the Parke Scrapbooks by Ruby Parke Anderson, that this Richard was a son of Robert Parke who came in 1630 aboard the Winthrop Fleet. While it is true that Robert did have a son named Richard, there is no evidence that he actually came to this country. Furthermore there is a tremendous amount of ancedotal evidence that there was no relationship between this Richard and that Robert. There are no intermarriages until over a century later; there is no witnessing of one another's deeds, covenants or other legal documents at any time. The name Robert does not appear in this line until much later, nor does the name Richard appear in any of the Robert lines either. There was no known social intercourse between the two families. Finally, there was considerable distance in terms of social status between Robert and his family, styled a "gentlemen," and Richard who was a miller by trade. This is an example of how incorrect data continues to be perpetuated throughout the years. There has also been debate concerning the existence of the Richard (2R1), but that is generally accepted now, although more definitive proof would be welcome. Finally the surname of Richard's (1R1) wife Margery as being "Crane" has been floated much, but there still is no good proof of this fact. Represented; DNA. PS#1086, Natalie Schultz, Lineage Leader, and many members, some of whom are still active.
2S1 The Samuel (2S1) branch of the Robert Parke (MA, 1630) line (represented; DNA). Samuel (1621, England – 1709 CT). [Moniker: Robert (MA, 1630, STW)] m. Hannah Preston, before 1672. This is an Immigrant Line.
  • Samuel (3S1) (before 1672, CT – before 1700) m. Elizebeth Eddy in 1695; 4 children. Any descendants of this line have a Lineage Key of S1 in the membership database.
  • Martha (3S2) (1674, CT – ???) nothing further known.
  • Robert (3S3) (1674,CT – 1752, CT) m. Tamsen (Packer) Bromley; 8 children. Descendants of this line have a Lineage Key of S3 in the membership database.
  • William (3S4) (1678,CT – 1750, CT) m. Jane Borden/Bordwyn; 12 children. Descendants of this line have a Lineage Key of S4 in the membership database.
  • Thomas (3S5) (1680, CT – 1768, CT) m. to (unknown); 5 children. Descendants of this line have a Lineage Key of S5 in the membership database.
  • Elizabeth (3S7) (1670,CT – 1751, CT) m. John Bennet; 8 children. Descendants of this line have a Lineage Key of S7 in the membership database.
This line has a Lineage Leader. Line is well documented, numerous descendants. Represented; DNA. PS#912 Lineage Leader, and many members, some of which are still active. Source materials: Principally, Genealogy of the Parke Families of Connecticut, Frank Sylvester Parks, (1906), Lineage Research by Robert Leon Parke, PS#755, and the further information obtained from members' Lineage Applications and Correspondence (see files). Seven children known: (also sometimes designated as being on Chart 16.
2T1 The Thomas (2T1) branch of the Robert Parke (MA, 1630) line. [Moniker: Robert (MA, 1630, STW)] Thomas Parke (1615 England – 1709 CT) m. Dorothy Thompson, daughter of John Thompson and Alice Freeman. Alice is considered a Gateway Ancestor, which gives any descendant immediate claim to a number of heritage societies. Apparently came with his father, Robert, in 1630 to the colonies. There is no DNA for all lines of decent from Robert – Thomas. This is an Immigrant Line.Nine children.
  • Martha (3T1) (1646, CT – 1717, CT) m. Isaac Wheeler, 10 children. Descendants of this ancestor are either marked as Chart 3 or as T1 in the membership database.
  • Thomas (3T2) (1648, CT – 1698, CT) m. Mary Allyn, 7 children. Descendants of this ancestor are either marked as Charts 4, 5, 6, or 7, or as T2 in the membership database.
  • Robert (3T3) (1651, CT – 1707, CT) m. (1) Rachel Leffingwell, 3 children; m. (2) Mary Rose, 8 children. Descendants of this ancestor are either marked as Charts 8, 9, 10, or 11, or as T3 in the membership database.
  • Nathaniel (3T4) (1650, CT – 1718, CT) m. Sarah Geer, 9 children. Descendants of this ancestor are either marked as Charts 12, or 13 or as T4 in the membership database.
  • Dorothy (3T5) (1652, CT – 1704, CT) m. Joseph Morgan, 9 children surnamed Morgan. Descendants of this ancestor are either marked as Chart 3 or as T5 in the membership database.
  • William (3T6) (1654, CT – 1727, CT) m. (1) in 1684, Hannah Frink, 9 Children; m. (2) in 1797, Hannah Plimpton, no issue; m. (3) in 1716, Mary (Unknown), no issue. Descendants of this ancestor are either marked as Chart 14 or as T6 in the membership database.
  • John (3T7) (1656, CT – 1716, CT) m. Mary Witter, 2 children known. Descendants of this ancestor are either marked as Chart 15 or as T7 in the membership database.
  • Alice (3T8) (1658, CT – 1729, CT) m. Greenfield Larribee, 8 children surnamed Larribee. Descendants of this ancestor are either marked as Chart 3 or as T8 in the membership database.
  • Richard (3T9) (ca. 1664, CT – before 1707) nothing further known.
There are multiple Lineage Leaders for this line. Line is well documented, numerous descendants. Represented; DNA. PS#755 LL, 1185 LL, 182 LL. Source Materials: Principally, Genealogy of the Parke Families of Connecticut, Frank Sylvester Parks, (1906), Lineage Research by Robert Leon Parke, PS#755, and the further information obtained from member's Lineage Applications and Correspondence (see files).
U Robert Parks (ca. 1751 – 1802 GA). He married a Mary Jordan (of Fuller). His origin uncertain; he purchased land in Jackson Co, GA prior to 1794.Eight children:
  • James (ca. 1767 GA – 1803 GA) married c. 1788 Sarah Miller, six children.
  • Other children are: Patrick (ca. 1769), Samuel (ca. 1771), Elizabeth (ca. 1773) married a Mr. Espy, John (ca. 1775), Garritt W. (ca. 1777), Ezekial Evan (ca. 1779), and Robert (ca. 1781 – 1834, TN)
Represented: PS#90R, 550R, 807R, 978R, and 1197D [no active members in this line].
V William Parke (ca. 1575 – ca. 1633/4) of VA (commonly referred to as the Park/Custis line). He married Sarah (Unknown), date unknown. He came to Williamsburg, VA, ca. 1633, aboard The Blessing. Two children known only. There is a probable interrelationship between Robert (MA 1630) and William (Park/Custis line) and William Parke to New Kent, VA ca. 1650.
  • William (???, England – 1663, VA) Nothing further known
  • Daniel (1628, England – 1679, VA) married first (unknown) Fielding (?); married secondly Rebecca (Evelyn) Knipe, and had 2 children by first marriage, 4 children by second marriage, perhaps more.
Note: There is a tie in to George Washington, first President of the United States as follows. He married Martha (Dandridge) Custis, as her second husband. She was the widow of Daniel Parke Custis, who was the son of John Custis who married Frances Parke, daughter of Col. Daniel Parke, (Daniel, William). Martha Dandridge had four children by Daniel Parke Custis, and they were raised in the household of George Washington. Through her son John Parke Custis there is a line to Robert E. Lee of Civil War fame. This line is not as well documented as one would have liked, with many blanks yet to be filled in. Further research is being done by PS#1498, Randall Lee Dickenson. Represented: PS#1409R. Source Materiqals: Virginia Families of Flournoy, Poindexter and Parke, Parke Poindexter Flournoy (1933); information found through lineage correspondence.
2W1 The William branch of the Robert Parke (MA, 1630) line [Moniker: Robert (MA, 1630, STW]. William (1607 England – 1685 MA) m. Martha Holgrave in 1636. Came to Boston, MA in 1631 aboard the Lyon. All male heirs died relatively young, so that that Park/e/s name died out in this branch by the third generation. Collectively, William'a sescendants are on Chart 2. This is an Immigrant Line.Ten Children:
  • Theoda (3W1) (1637, MA – 1718, MA) m. Samuel Williams, 12 children surnamed Williams.
  • Martha (3W2) (1641, MA – 1676, MA) m. Isaac Williams, 9 children surnamed Williams.
  • Deborah (3W3) (1651, MA – 1679, MA) m. Samuel Scarborough, 11 children surnamed Scarborough. All children are by his first wife Rebecca (Unknown), hence not Park/e/s.
  • Other children: Hannah (1639); Sarah (1643); John (1645 – 1646); Deborah (1647); John (1649); William (1654); and Hannah (1658).
Represented: PS#226, 389, 1004, are the only active members in this line. There is no Lineage Leader. Source Materials: Principally, Genealogy of the Parke Families of Connecticut, Frank Sylvester Parks, (1906), Lineage Research by Robert Leon Parke, PS#755, and the further information obtained from members' Lineage Applications and Correspondence (see files).
X William (1X1) (ca. 1760 – ca. 1825) married 1787 (1) Synah Perry and in 1816 m. (2) Polly Barrow. Came to Granville Co., NC in 1787 and thence to Adair Co., KY by 1806. (Parke Society Lib. book.)Six Children, of which we have descendants for five.
  • Polly (2X1) (1789 – after 1869) married 1896, Thomas Hammonds. Ten children surnamed Hammonds.
  • John (2X2) (ca. 1790 – ca. 1857) married Harriet Jane (Unknown). Nothing further known.
  • Perry (2X3) (1792 – 1866) married 1815 Nancy Wilson. Eight children.
  • Peggy (2X4) (1794 – ca. 1855) married 1816, Slade Hammonds. Four children surnamed Hammonds.
  • Thomas Perry (2X5) (1798 – 1843) married 1827, Mrs. Mary Ann Estes Ficklin, Six children.
  • William (2X6) (1805 – 1850) Three marriages, last in 1827, to a Hannah Hardesty. Seven children.
Represented: PS#88, 965, 46D, 867D, 1318R, 1325R, 1349R. Source Materials: Kinsfolk of William Parke and Synah Perry, Margie Lee (Ellis) Howell, (1967); Members' Lineage Applications.
Y William Park (1705 Scotland – 1788 MA) married in 1730 Scotland to Anna Law. Immigrated to Boston, MA, 1756, and then onto Groton, MA.Five children, three of which immigrated to the Colonies.
  • John (1731 – 1793) married. Jean Stewart. Seven children.
  • Thomas (1745 – 1806) married Rosannah Conn. Ten children.
  • James (1741 – 1778), never married.
  • Margaret and Janet were the two children who remained in Scotland.
Source Materials: Frank Sylvester Parks, Genealogy of Parke Families in Massachusetts, (1909) pgs. 194-208.
Z Andrew Park (1760 – 1848 VA) married in 1779 Mary (Anne) (Unknown). (Parke Society Library book).Nine children, for which we have descendant information on two:
  • William (1798 – 1879) married in 1818 Sarah Ellen Hoskinson. Twelve children.
  • James (1802 – 1884) married four times, nine children total.
  • The other children were Phoebe (1781) married Joseph Darrah, Polly (1784) married John Devine, Margaret (1787), Andrew (1792) married Sarah Humes, Joseph (1795) married Mary Darrah, Sidaina (1805 – died young), and Nancy (1808) married Aaron Foster.
Represented; DNA. PS#29D, 887R [No active members in this line]. DNA Information: test results show a match between Andrew Park and Joseph Parks (LK= LQ). DNA Administrator believes that Andrew and Joseph may be brothers or certainly cousins. Source materials: Andrew Park, Our Ancestor, Harry Addis Park, (undated), in the Parke Society Library.