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Parke Society Lineage Key Index

Double Letter Keys AA through ZZ

AA Ann Parke (1618-1641 Roxbury, MA), daughter of Robert Parke (MA 1630) m. Edward Payson.
No surviving children from this marriage. This is an Immigrant Line.Source Materials: F.S. Parks, The Parke Family in Connecticut, and
the Clark and Worth Families.(Not Represented.)
BB Andrew Park (1745 Antrim Co, Ire. -1786) m. Rachel Welch. Maryland. Two children known. This is an Immigrant Line.Source Materials: Descendants of Andrew Park, Gertrude Katz, 1972.

  • William born 1782, married Rebecca Spry Hadaway, had issue.
  • James born in 1784, nothing further known.
CC John Parks (1793-1861) (Represented) of Rhode Island. John Parks (carpenter)
m. Sally Louisa Ogden. John b. Rhode Island- d. New York, NY; 7 known children. Was run over
by a train in NYC. There appears to be DNA evidence linking this fragment line to the Robert
of MA (1STW1) line.Source Materials: John Parks & his Family, Charlotte Heilbronn, 1925.

  • William Chadsey, b.1820, Savannah, GA, m. Charlotte Ellen Harris, had issue.
  • Jepha Baldwin, born c.1823 New York City, was married three times, had issue.
  • John Allen, c. 1825, married Anna Marie Kent, had issue. There are descendant members in this line.

Other children include Nathaniel O., Charles R., Abigail L. and Frances M. Varying pieces
of information is known on these children.

(PS#1113, 1512)

DD Andrew Parks (1770-1836) m. Harriett Washington. Geographic area: Baltimore, Fredericksburg,
West Virginia. Seven children known: Anne Eliza, Lawrence Augustine, Bushrod, Laura Angela, Andrew,
Mary, and John Parks, born between 1797 and 1816.Source Materials: Genealogy of the Families of the Presidents, Reginald Buchanan Henry, 1935.[A historical tidbit here: There are several recognized genealogical
numbering systems (of which the Parke Society is one). Reginald Henry created what has come to be
known as the Henry System, which uses a series of digits to describe the place of the descendant in
the family scheme. It can get rather complex as the generations go, and once you move beyond the
9th child you run into the possibility of confusion. If you see in a compiled genealogy
something like: 138523, you are looking at a Henry Number.]
Not Represented)
EE Thomas Park (c1735-by 1803) (Represented) m. in County Down, Ire. to Mary McKee.
This line is unusual in that we have in our records five generations that remained in Ireland
before anyone immigrated to America.Source Materials: Lineage information submitted by a Member descendant.Listing of children:

  • William (2EE2) (1765-1849 N. Ireland.) m. Mary -?- > to John (3EE13) Park (1812-1864) of
    Early Hill m. Ann Jane Greer, to Robert (4EE132) m. Sarah Lindsay Gough, to Sarah (5EE530) Park
    who married Samuel McQuillan, to Margaret McQuillan who immigrated to Massachusetts before 1911
    and married William James Dick. While children are know of
    the preceding generations, there is no further descendants shown.

Other Children are David, James, Hugh, Eliza Ann and Anne. Nothing further is known.


FF James Parks (Rev. War) d. 1791 at Northampton Co, NC m. Sarah -?-. had issue perhaps 8 children. Represented)Source Materials: The Compendium of American Genealogy, 1600’s to 1800’s by Frederick Virkus,
Volume VII, Page 485. Virkus’ Compendium must be used with great caution, prinary sources not cited

  • James Parks (1753 NC- ? Chariton Co, MO) m. c1776 to Sarah Ann Stancil; m. (2) c1785 Rebecca Jordan.
    Moved to Kentucky in 1808 and on to Chariton Co., MO circa 1831.

Other children were Peter, Andrew, Anne, Sarah, Rebecca, Agnes and perhaps an Alice, all born
between 1753 and 1767.


GG James Park (c1775- ) m. c1795 Margaret McCurdy. James from N. Ire. to Baltimore, MD,
then to Pittsburgh, PA before 1800. This is an Immigrant Line.Source Materials: National Cyclopedia of American Biography, Editor: James Terry White.
Volume 18, Page 125. [Again use with caution. Primary sources are not cited.]

Three known children James, William, Eliza Ann.

(Not represented)

HH John Park (c1798 – ) (may be son of a James Park) m. Annie Stillson.Source Materials: Genealogical & Biographical Annuals of Northumberland County (PA), J. L. Floyd, 1911.

Six children: Sarah, Elsie, James, Mary, J(ohn?) S(tillson?), and Hezekiah.
There is information on the son James (1825-1908) who married Arminta Brees who eventually
came to reside in Northumberland County, PA. James and Arminta had 4 children.

(Not Represented)

II James Washington Park (1828 SC-1873 TX), son of Andrew & Jane (Little) Park, m.
Martha Ann Allphin, 17 August 1849. Six known children, appear to have all been born in Texas.Source Materials: DAR papers and Family Bible records.

  • James Washington (Jr.) (1856 TX to 1927 TX) married Sarah Elizabeth Webb, 22 April 1875, had 12
    children of which further information is known for one child.

Other Children were , John Hiram, Andrew Shelton, Martha Jane, Larissa E. and Thomas Nathan Park,
born between from 1849 to 1870.

(Not Represented)

JJ David Park of PA (c1682, Ire Ð b1740, PA) (Represented), Spouse unknown.Source Materials: Lineage papers and documents supplied by descendant members.Two children:

  • John Park who married Rachel Crooks who had three children. There are descendants of this
    line within the Society.
  • Ann Park, of which nothing further is known.

DNA evidence seems to point to a relationship to the following Lineage Keys: A (Arthur), JP,
and XW. There is a fair amount of material on this line due to one constant researcher.

(PS#325, 337, & 1235)

KK James Parks (01KK1) of NY (1771, Sussex Co, Eng-1842, Saratoga Co, NY) son of a John Parks. (Represented) V47#1 Some of his children and a brother (David, 01KK5) proceeded him to America aboard the Robert Edward which landed in New York from London on 2 November 1827. This James and wife Mary
came later together with most of the other children except for Sarah. That passage is still being researched.
James (01KK1) married in 1793 to Mary Henbrey, and had a total of 14 children all born in Sussex,
England. This is an Immigrant Line.Source Materials: Descendant’s Papers and F. S. Parks’, Genealogy of the Parke Families in
(1906) Pages. 274-276. [Contains several errors and is very thin]. Additional research done
by the Lineage Leader PS#1407, Frederick Saar, and cohorts, has enlarged the information known by us. The 1827 immigrant group aboard the Robert Edward:

  • Martha, 02KK2, (1795, Eng Ð ?, probably NY), married Stephen Furner, in 1819, Ewhurst, England,
    often mis-interpreted as Turner, had 6 children.
  • John, (02KK7), (1806, Eng-1864, NY) married Hester Millham c. 1827, Ewhurst, England, had 5
  • Josiah, (02KK8), (1808, Eng-1867, NY) married first Caroline Westfall 1828, NY, Had 5
    children, married secondly Mrs. Louisa E. (unknown) House, after 1846, had another 5 children.
  • James, (02KK6), (1804, Eng-?, ?) married Harriot Crouch, 1824, Ewhurst, England, had 9 children.
  • Henry, (02KK9), (1811, Eng Ð 1865, NY) married Maria Hicks, 1836, probably Ewhurst, England, had
    9 children.
  • Philip, (02KK9a), (1813, Eng-?,?). Little is know. Previously it had been reported that he “died young”
    which has since been disproved. In letters sent back to England he was reported to have been
    apprenticed to a tin smith.
  • Joseph, (02KK13), (1810, Eng-1865, MI) married Nancy Ann Coon, 1832, NY, had 9 children.Others coming later:
    • Mary, 02KK1, (1794, Eng-1839,?) little else is known.
    • Merriam, (02KK3), (1798, Eng-1869, NY) married Thomas Avann, 1818, Ewhurst, Eng, had 4 children.
    • Ann (Mercy) (02KK4), (1800, Eng-1848, NY) married Joseph S. Soden, 1834, NY. Had 5 children.
    • Daniel, (02KK10), (1814, Eng-1895, NY) married three times (1) Matilda, 5 children, (2) Jane Ann, 2
      children, (3) Orpha Ann Kenyon, 5 children.
    • Stephen, (02KK11), (1817, Eng-1905, NY) married Mary Emile Hoffman 1841, had 9 children.
    • Rhoda, (02KK12), (1820, Eng.-1852, NY) married George Clark, circa 1843, NY, had 2 children.

    Remaining children: Sarah, 02KK5, (1802, Eng-bef. 1872, ?) married Charles Parks (relationship to
    this line unknown at this time), 1821, Ewhurst, Eng. May have stayed in England, but a son, Benjamin
    is supposed to have come to America and is buried at Whitesboro, NY.

    Information concerning James’ brother David: David, (01KK5), (c1778, Eng-?, ?), arrived with wife Rebecca and perhaps 4 children aboard the Robert Edward, 2 November 1827. Little more is known about him, or his children. Needs research.

    (Lineage Leader: PS#1407, #430D, #443D, #497R)

LL Rodger Park of NJ has been merged into LK=KY. FGS James (3LL2) is now FGS James (2KY2).
There was considerable confusion on this lineage.
MM Matthew S. Park of PA (c1760, Londonderry, N. Ire. -c1819, Butler Co, PA) (Represented). Matthew S. Park’s will written 26 Jun 1817, probated 20 Jan. 1819. Married on or before 1775 to
Martha (Unknown). Matthew (1MM1) had brother James (1MM2) Park of which nothing further is known.
Matthew (1MM1) probably a son of an Andrew Park. Matthew has qualifying DAR service. This is an Immigrant Line.Source Materials: Descendants Lineage Papers and Taylor: History, Biographies and Family Tree by Lorraine Taylor Fichtel, pp. 34-35.

  • James Park (c1772-1848, PA) married Esther Brown, had issue.
  • Samuel Park (c1784-1849, PA) married Jane Roseborough, 1815, had issue.

Other children were Mary, Catherine, John, Matthew Jr., Martha, and Hester.


NN William Park of NY (1780-1846) m. c1805 to Jemima Slater . William b. 27 Aug 1780 at
Port Chester, NY-d. 19 Apr. 1846 at Port Chester, NY, Jemina, daughter of Henry Slater and
Hanna Adee b. 6 March 1784 – d. 6 June 1844.Source Materials: F. S. Parks, Genealogy of the Parke
Families in Connecticut. Addenda, Volume III
(1925), p. 80.

Had 6 children born between 1806 and 1824, all
in Port Chester, NY, Edward, William, Sarah Ann, Phebe, John, and Henry. Only William is known
to have had issue.

(Not Represented)

OO John Parks of PA (c1733, perhaps PA – ?) m. 1759, PA to Isabella Galbraith (variant
spellings noted). (Represented) Six children known, all born between 1760 and 1774 in Cumberland
Co., PA:Source Materials: John is shown in the DAR Patriot Index as a Private from PA. Besides the entry in the
DAR Index, you are pointed to an article by David L. Parke, PS#13, in the Newsletter,
Vol. 33, No. 3, p. 38ff.

  • James Parks (1763, PA – 1836, KY) married in 1778 Jane Entrekin, had issue.
  • Robert Parks (1769, PA – 1858, PA) married in 1790 Jane Bratton, had issue.

Other children were William, Agnes (Fannie), Margaret, Arthur.


PP James Parks of PA, (1805 PA – A? ) (Represented) m. Rachel White, daughter of Amos C
and Elizabeth (unknown) White. A brief note from the member says that the family was from Connecticut.
David Parke #13, an earlier Historian, opined that this might be a possible descendant of Edward
Parks (LK= H) of Connecticut. However no evidence or reasoning was presented for these comments.
Member never supplied complete documentation, nothing further is known.Source Materials: Fragmentary information on Member’s Lineage Application.Known children:

  • Rebecca Frances Parks (1841, NY Ð 1923), who married William Summers Wheeler (1834 Ð 1906) of
    Huntington, CT. Had issue.
  • Harry Jeremiah Parks (1848, NY Ð 1927, CA), who married Madgie Leander in 1876.


QQ Helen A. Parkes perhaps of MD (1843 – 1928, Marshalltown, IA) (Represented) daughter
of a John Parkes (not further identified). She m. David A. Stouffer, 31 Dec.1861 at Adelaine,
IL.Source Materials: Descendants’ lineage papers.Had at least one child, Ora Stouffer who married Cassie Glanville.PS#195 WD, 1164 WD)
RR Stephen Parks of NY (c1780, NY – 1871, Whitehall, NY) (Represented) m. (1) Anna Stevens;
m. (2) Thankful -?-; m. (3) Mahalah -?-. Had brothers Isaac (1804-1869) and Anson (1809-1890)
of which little is known. Father may have been an Isaac Parks.Source Materials: Descendant’s Lineage Application and related correspondence.These children are supposedly all from first marriage.

  • Emeline Parks (1819, NY – 1889, NY) married Bradley Gallett, had issue.

Other children: Henry Parks who married a Sally, Clarinda Douglas, and Stephen Parks.


SS Jonas Parks (1849-1919, IN) (Represented)m. George Ann Robentson.
Both Jonas and George Ann buried at Dugger, Sullivan Co, IN.Source Materials: Source is “personal knowledge” of descendent member.

  • Osa Edward Parks (1881, IN Ð 1966, PA) married Elizabeth Reid McCellan in 1907, had issue.

Other children were Silas Elmer, Mary Alice, Nannie May, and Ousker Arthur.

(PS#353 D)

TT James Marion Parks (c1790, NC – a1860, TX) (represented), m. Anna Marie (Unknown) circa
1818, probably in Tennessee.Source Materials: Descendants’ lineage papers.Possibly a total of seven children:

  • William Marion Parks, (1818, TN-1870, TX), m. Elizabeth Benge 1847, TX, seven children.

Other children are: Newton, Charles m. Margaret T. Harmon; Minerva C. m. a Pinkston; James B.;
Felix B.; John N.; and Robert F.

(PS#439 D)

UU Major William Park and Jane Park (brother and sister) (Represented) V47#2
This is a bit complicated and
confusing, so lets take is step by step. William and Jane are brother and sister. We do not know their
ancestry. Jane (01UU1) Park (1750, VA-1841, Washington Co, PA) m. Thomas Marquis (DAR/Lt.)
They had seven known children, surnamed Marquis. Maj. William (01UU2) Park (d. 1782,Vance’s
Fort, Cross Creek, Washington Co, PA) m. Ann Marquis. They had two known children surnamed Park.

  1. Thomas Marquis & Ann Marquis were the children of Thomas Marquis & Mary Colville.
  2. Parentage of Jane and William Park unknown at this time.

Source Materials: Lineage correspondence from descendant member.

  • James Marquis (1779, PA Ð 1829,OH) m. Ann Marquis in 1821 in PA. Has descendant member.
  • Mary Marquis (1786, PA Ð 1867, PA) m. George Newell in 1810 in PA. Has descendant member.

Other children are: Newton, Charles m. Margaret T. Harmon; Minerva C. m. a Pinkston; James B.;
Felix B.; John N.; and Robert F.

Children of Maj. William Park and Ann Marquis:

  • James (02UU11) m. Elizabeth Marquis and Mary (02UU12) married 1) William Marquis, 2) Isaac Cowan.
    There are no descendant members of this line in The Society.

(PS#437D, 816R)

VV John Parks of Accomack Co, VA (c.1652/60 Eng.-1709 Accomack Co,VA) m. (1) -?-;
m. (2) Mary -?- (c1668-1733). This is an Immigrant Line.Source Materials: Are found in compilations done by Gail Walczyk, PS#1168.
(See PS Newsletter Vol. 31 pp.1, 8, 43; V#32 pp. 44-45.Known children:

  • Arthur Parks (c. 1679, VA-1760, MD) married Mrs. Hickman, widow of Richard Hickman.
  • John Parks (c. 1690, VA-1743, VA) married Liddia (Unknown) Had issue.
  • Edmund Bailey Parks (c. 1700, VA-1742, VA) married Ann (Unknown). Had issue.

Other children were William Parks, b. c. 1702; Mary Parks, b. c. 1704; and Sarah b. c. 1706.

This line is often referred to as the John (VA c1678) Lineage. All of its early activity
seems to have occurred in the VA/MD area.

(PS#1224, 1223, 1168R)

WW The Rev. Oscar Park of IL has been merged into LK= “CW”. FGS Oscar (1WW1) is now FGS
Oscar (2CW141).The vitals on The Rev. Oscar Park of IL are (1827, PA Ð 1871, Chatsworth, IL)

  • m1) 26 Jul. 1848 at Albany, IL to Cecilia Maria Hudson. Eight children.
  • m2) in 1861, Mary Henrietta Chester. No issue.

There was considerable confusion on this lineage.

XX The root founding ancestor of this Lineage Key is James (IVXX1) Park (c1714 Glasgow, SCT-?) m. 1739
Glasgow, SCT to Agnes Knox. From there the line goes to William (IIIXX1) Park (1745, Glasgow, SCT-?)
who married Martha McConnell, to James (IIXX1) Park (1766, Kent, SCT-?) who married Marion
Allen in 1788. While they had a total of 13 children we are interested in the following two children. This is an Immigrant LineSource Materials: Lineage Correspondence and Lineage Forms of descendant members.Andrew (IXX1) Park (1796, Cambuslang, SCT-?) who married first Jane Pollock in 1820 in
Scotland, and secondly Margaret Goold in 1849. Andrew stayed in Scotland all his life.They had James Pollock Park (1XX5) (1821, Scotland Ð 1889, UT) (Represented) who married first in 1849 at Big Cottonwood, UT, Agnes Findley (1825, Ontario-1908, UT).
There were four children by this marriage. He married secondly in 1857, at Salt Lake City, UT, Sarah Ann Pymm
(1840, Eng.-1912, UT).There were six children by this marriage.

  • James Findley Park (1859, UT-1929, ID) m. in 1882 to Mariah Ann Carson. Had issue.
  • Janet/Jennette Findley Park (1864, UT-1943, UT) m. in 1881 to William Harrison Carson. Had issue.

Other children of first marriage were Agnes Jane and Andrew Findley Park.

Children by Second marriage were Marion Pymm, John Pymm, Anna Marie, Henry Pymm, Seth Austin, and Frederick Park.

Another child of James (Ixx1) and Marion (Allen) Park was:

John (IXX8) (1802, Cambuslang, SCT-1869, Provo, UT) who married Louisa Smith
in 1840 in Ontario. John had a total of 10 children at least two of which were born in Ontario, at least one in
Nebraska, and six of which were born in Provo, UT

  • They had John Smith (1XX14) Park (1849, UT-1940, UT) who married first Martha Melissa
    Parker, and secondly Maude Hooper. Had issue.
  • And Joseph Smith (1XX16) Park (1852, UT-1949, UT) who married Elizabeth Harding. Had Issue.

Other children were Jane, Mary Ann, Marion Allen, Louisa, William James, Martha, David Alfred,
and Margaret Naomi Park.

(PS#361, 424R, 986R, 1039WD)

YY Prudence Parks of Dutchess Co, NY. (c 1744 Middletown,CT -1818 Penfield,
Monroe Co, NY) m. 1760/61 Dutchess Co, NY to Ephriam Goss at Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., NY.Source materials: Descendant’s lineage papers and correspondence.They had five children that we know of.

  • Hannah Goss (1768-?) married John Rodman circa 1787. They had issue.

Other children were Phoebe, Benjamin, John, and Samuel Goss.


ZZ Stephen Parks (Eng.-1792 Long Island, NY) m. Annie Williams. This is an Immigrant Line.Source materials: Descendant’s lineage papers and correspondence.Known children:

  • Isaac Park (1784, CT-1850, PA) married Hannah Gray in 1812 at Groton, CT. Had issue.

Other children were Stephen, Eunice, Darius and Steven Parks.


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