Missing Link (LK=CU)

Missing Link (LK=CU)
Silas Leonard Parks and Peter Glick Parks

PS Newsletter 1999 Vol. 36, No. 2, page 39

This is a new series which will appear in our Newspaper to highlight a Park Society member’s search for a missing Park/e/s ancestor. The Park/e/s surname is fairly common which has made searching for our ancestors quite difficult, particularly as families move westward. It is hoped that this series will provide some help. Please read through each article carefully to check if any of the information fits your particular family. If it does, the author would appreciate hearing from you.

The Parke Society is also interested in hearing from other members who have reached a roadblock in their research. Certain criteria must be met to be eligible for inclusion. There needs to be adequate documentation from generation to generation back to the missing link. To further explain, the member must be able to prove his parents, grandparents, gr. grandparents, etc. back to at least early 1800’s. Pension papers, wills, 1850 US Census and more recent, marriage records, and discharge papers are examples of what our historian considers “good” documentation.

Any member who thinks that he (she) has a “missing link” which should be included may write to me (librarian). However, Theodore Parks #425 Historian makes the decision as to whether there is enough information for an article.

Our first article features #842 Mrs. DeClerg’s search for her Vermont Parks ancestor; father of her Silas Leonard Parks. (Silas is also the ancestor of #1315 Karen Ingram) #197 Gerral T. Foster and #279 Sandra Nuss are direct descendants of Peter Glick Parks, who is believed to be a brother of Silas. (See Volume 16, page 22 and Volume 25, page 33, 47. Page 47 has a lineage chart showing Silas and Peter as brothers.)

Silas Leonard Parks (1801 VT-1876)/Elizabeth (Betsy) Brow to Michigan by 1836 2m. Philena J. Currier Hill. Children (well documented) from marriage of Silas and Elizabeth:

  1. William Parks (b. ca 1834) m. Sarah A. Mattison
  2. Peter Parks (Jim Fisher) (b. ca 1837)
  3. Leusinda (Lucinda) Parks 1m. Francis DuPaul 2m. Findlay
  4. Elon Galusha Parks (b. 1849) m. Ann Elizabeth Seymour. Children:
    • Anson Parks
    • Albert Parks
    • Frank Parks
    • Amanda Parks m. Decker
    • Mary Parks m. Albaugh
    • Emma Parks m. Flower
    • Heneritta Parks m. Thompson

Peter Glick Parks (1807 VT-1891)/Charlotte Lamb. Children:

  1. Janette Parks b. 8 Nov 1826 NY m. Kerns
  2. Jerome J. Parks b. 26 Sep 1829 NY
  3. Jane E. Parks b. 1 Aug 1831 NY
  4. Lozette Loretta Parks b. 12 Jul 1833 NY m. Class
  5. Lucinda R. Parks b. 11 Jun 1835 NY m. Dow
  6. Minerva Parks b. 12/24 Dec 1837
  7. James Parks b. 29 Apr 1839
  8. Oscar O. Parks* b. 8 Aug 1840 m. Hester Catherine Beard
  9. Morris J. Parks* b. 10 Mar 1842 m. Mary (Lizzie) Eliz. Hanaford
  10. Aurilla Parks b. 23 Jul 1843 m. Wilcox
  11. Nathan (Rev.) Parks b. 31 Mar 1846
  12. Peter Parks b. 5 Feb 1853

*documented by PS#197 and PS#279

Mrs. DeClerg #842 would appreciate hearing from those who believe they may be connected to this “Park/e/s Ancestry.”

PS Newsletter 2006 Vol. 38, No 1, Page 14

Insert image: ML1-Silas.JPG” alt=”Silas/Peter Chart”

Much research has been done on the Silas and Peter Parks lineage first reported in Vol. 16, p22 by Gerral Theodore Foster #197. He had found pension records, marriage certificates, land transactions, and pages from family Bibles. Yet the only real evidence of the parents of their gt gt grandfather, Peter Glick Park(s) is a notation in the 1880 Census that both were born in Vermont. Tradition says that the father lived to be 110! No mention is found in the genealogies of Robert1 or Richard1, each of whom had descendants in Bennington County, VT.

In the hope that someone who reads this can help, the facts so far discovered are here recorded. The earliest records from the family Bible show that Silas was born in 1801 and that Peter was born in 1807, probably in Arlington, Bennington Co., VT and possibly had other brothers Loudon and George. In 1822 Silas bought land in Chenango, Broome Co., NY which was later deeded to Loudon and Peter. There was a male “80-90” and “female 50-60” listed in the 1830 Census as part of Peter’s household. As he was at the time 23, they may have been his grandfather and mother.

About 1838 Peter moved to Michigan, ostensibly looking for his brother Silas, whom he found in Bennington, Shiawassee Co.

2006 Vol. 38, No. 3, Page 42

More documentation concerning this Missing Link, particularly the Silas L. Parks branch, has been obtained. Mrs. Corbelle E. DeClerg PS#842 (the Society Archivist) sent to the National Archives for a copy of a document in their Boundary Land Files. They sent her a copy of Land Warrant #7692: “19 Dec 1816 Silas L. Parks private – Smead’s – 11′ Inf. located 13 Dec 1817 III page 414 (3?) SW 14.4s of W. Patent dated same day Rec: Vol:12 P:14 1053642.” On the opposite page is the notation: “Silas L. Parks to be located in the Illinois Territory,” with unreadable signature. A note below says, “See letter to C.C. Butler, Nov. 30, 1868.”

The above is somewhat of a puzzle since family researchers have been unable to find any other trace of Silas in Illinois records. Did Silas sell his patent?

An outside researcher sent me copies of 4 deeds from the Broome County, New York Record books. In September 1822, Silas L. Parks of Arlington, Bennington Co., VT purchased real estate in the town of Chenango, Broome Co. NY from Stephen Weed. On June 19, 1824, Silas L. Parks and wife Lozina sold this property to Loudon and Peter Park of Chenango. Then on February 21, 1829, a land parcel was sold by Peter G. Parks and wife Charlotte of Town of Chenango to Silas L. Park of the same place. The last deed is dated November 8, 1830 when Stephen Weed released clame to Peter G. Parks.

This means that Silas was married three times, not twice as we had thought. We need to know when and where he married Lozina—and what happened to her? His second wife, Elizabeth Betsy Brown is thought to have been born in Chatham, Canada. How did they meet? From the deed of 1822, it seems that Silas was probably living in Vermont prior to the move to New York. Did he stay in Broome County after selling his property in 1824? He appears on the US Census for Broome Co. in 1830, but he is not listed on the New York State Census for Broome Co. in 1835. By 1840 he is definitely in Michigan because he is listed on the US Census for Clinton 244.

Originally, it was thought that Silas had at least three brothers: Peter Glick; George; and Loudon. The only documented record we have of Loudon is the deed of 1824. There is presently no source which points to George being a brother. In fact, if this conclusion was reached by using the Broome County deeds—then it is an error because the “George Pasrks” who signed as Commissioner on those deeds is definitely from the Robert Parks MA 1630 lineage.

Please write to Mrs. Corbelle DeClerg, 873 Kent Street, Portland, MI 48875-1741 (Contact Person) if you have any additional information for this Missing Link.

PS Newsletter 2006 Vol. 43, No 1, Page 9

Silas Leonard Parks/Peter Glick Parks: material regarding this lineage has been published in the following Parke Society Newsletters: Vol. 36, pp.34, 39; Vol. 38, p. 14; and Vol. 38, p. 42. Mrs. Corabelle DeClerg PS# 842, our Archivist, is the contact person for this lineage, which has a number of active researchers, including PS# 1315. It is quite certain that Silas and Peter were brothers and possibly there was a third brother named Loudon.

Silas Leonard Parks (b. 1801 in Arlington, VT, d. 12 April, 1876 Burton, Genessee Co, MI). He served in the War of 1812. In September 1822 Silas L. Parksof Arlington, County of Bennington, State of Vermont purchased real estate property in the Town of Chenango, Broome County, New York from Stephen Weed. On 19 June, 1824, Silas L. Parks and his wife Lozina, sold this property to Loudon and Peter Park of Chenango. On 21 February, 1829, a land parcel was sold byPeter G. Parks and his wife Charlotte of Town of Chenango to Silas L. Parks of the same place. On 8 November, 1830, Stephen Weed released claim to Peter G. Parks. All of these deeds seem to involve parts of the same real estate property. The deeds were obtained from Broome County Record books: Book 9, p. 28; Book 8, p. 155; Book 13, p. 69; Book 13, p. 106.

It is thought that Silas L. Parks moved toward Rochester, New York because when a group of 13 families came to Michigan, they called themselves the “Rochester Colony.” Even today, there is still a sign near St. Johns, Michigan which says “Rochester Colony 1836.” It is also possible that he lived elsewhere, probably in New York, and joined the Rochester group just before they left. What is important is the fact that he is now married to Elizabeth Betsy Brown and they have one child,William James Parks thought to be born in Monroe County, New York.

A second son, Peter Parks was born in 1837 probably in MI and was kidnapped by the Indians at a very young age. Peter was a grown man before he discovered that he had been stolen as a child. For the complete account of Peter Parks (Jim Fisher), see Vol. 25 No. 3.

History of Clinton County, Michigan, Bingham Township, p. 379 has an account of this episode concluding with the statement that after a search of about ten days for the boy, “they came to the conclusion that Parks had in a fit of anger made away with the child and concealed the body. He stoutly maintained that the Indians must have done it. Of course everybody knew that story to be an improbable one, and that Parks in a moment of impetuous rage had fatally injured another of his children; but no legal investigation followed, and Parks went unscathed, at least by law.” Since this book is now available on the Internet, a correction or footnote should be added vindicating Silas Parks.

In 1841, Silas and his family moved to Chesaning, MI, where he purchased 160 acres. Their daughter, Lucinda Parks, was the first white child born in Chesaning in May, 1842. Silas and Betsy Parks had a total of twelve children. After Betsy’s death, Silas married Philena J. Currier Hill and moved to Genessee Co, MI. They had one child, Philena J. Parks.

According to their family history, Silas L. Parks was married first to Elizabeth Betsy Brown, thought to be born in Chatham, Canada; and second to Philena Currier Hills. There was never any mention of a wife named Lozina. However, Corabelle’s niece has recently found further deed information from Broome County Land Records 1821-1830 referring to Lozina. Perhaps Silas had already left Broome County looking for a new place to live before sending for Lozina who might have died while he was gone.

Liber Book 12, p. 338: Peter G. Park to Lozina Park. This indenture made 10 May 1830 between Peter G. Park and Charlotte Park his wife of Chenango, Broome Co, NY of the first part and Lozina Park of town of Vestal, Broome Co of the second part withueforth that the said parities of the first part and in consideration of the sum of $200.00 paid by the party of the second part do release unto the said party of the second part all that certain parcel of land lying in the town of Chenango, Broome County and is part of lot 116 in the Land Division of the Boston Purchase so called. This deed refers to 25 acres from the earlier deed of 1822 conveyed to Silas L. Park by Stephen Weed and his wife Julia.

A search has been made of the entire Broome County census for 1835 but there was no mention found of Silas, Lozina, Peter, or Loudon Parks. There were a couple places on the microfilm that were not legible but it seems fairly certain that by 1835 these people had moved elsewhere. Unfortunately, although Monroe County was formed in 1821, there is no census data for 1835 for this county.

Census data 1860 Image Heritage Quest Series M653 Roll 552 pp. 302-303 – Michigan, Livingston County, Iosco:

Silas L. Parks, 58, farmer, 2000, 300, born Vermont; Philena Parks, 34; John Parks, 18; Lucinda Parks, 16; Mary Parks, 13; Anson Parks, 11 (see additional new information below); Elone Parks, 9; Albert Parks, 5; Horace Hill, 10; Lucy Hill, 5; Francis 11/16 (m).

Anson Parks (b. 16 Mar.,1847, d. 26 Mar., 1925). On 26 Oct., 1869 Anson married Mary Ann (Anna) Fowler (b. 17 July, 1846, d. 14 July, 1927). Two known children:

  1. Walter C. Parks (b. 15 June, 1874, d. 17 May, 1954) mar. (1) 2 Nov., 1898 Mertie Bell Graham (b. 22 Sep., 1879, d. 29 Apr. 1919). Walter mar.(2) 30 Apr., 1921 Lulu May Cook (b. 13 July, 1881, d. 4 Nov., 1963). All are buried at Bristol Cemetery, Flint, Michigan.
  2. Mary A. Parks

The search is for the parents of Silas Leonard Parks and Peter Glick Parks and earlier ancestry. The speculation has been that they belonged with the Robert (MA 1630) lineage, but one member from this line who recently participated in the DNA testing does not presently match anyone else in our Volunteer Data Base. Although Robert Parke and Richard Parks are well known New England emigrant lines, there are also other Park/e/s who emigrated to the New England area, one of whom is probably the ancestor of Silas and Peter. I strongly believe that the combination of DNA and the paper trail will provide an answer for this missing link, as well as for other fragment lines. However, this points out our need for as many volunteers as possible, including those Park/e/s who have established lines because they provide a benchmark for our DNA Administrator.

PS# 197, PS# 279, and PS# 1371 are direct descendants of Peter Glick Parks who is thought to be the brother of Silas. (Vol. 16, p. 22 and Vol. 25, pp. 33, 47) However, this lineage fragment is presently classified as LK = IX until further confirmation is provided.

Peter Glick Parks (b. 23 Dec., 1807 Arlington, Vermont, d. 5 Nov., 1891 Lamar, MO). He married in 1825 Charlotte Lamb, daughter of Isaac Lamb/ Lydia Peaslie. Charlotte (b. 29 July 1805 Binghamton, Broome Co, NY, d. 1887 Morengo, McHenry Co, IL). Peter and Charlotte Parks were the parents of thirteen children.

Their first five children were born in New York. Their eighth child, Oscar Orem Parks, was born in 1840 in Naperville, Dupage, IL. Their ninth child, Morris J. Parks, was born in 1842 in Shawnee, OK, and their tenth child, Aurilla Ann Parks, was born in 1843 in Illinois. Birthplaces of the other children are not given.

Other Broome County, NY land records referring to Peter G. Park have also been found: Dimmick, Levi from Peter G. Park 15 Sep., 1842 by sheriff.

Parks, Peter from Samuel Ingham 6 Sep., 1844 #61 Boston Purchase.

Rutherford, William J. from Peter Parks 2 Mar., 1850 #61 Boston Purchase.

These transactions were after Peter and his family had left Broome County but perhaps they returned to visit his wife’s family who remained in the area?

Please write to Corabelle DeClerg (Contact Person) if you have any additional information for this Missing Link. Her address is:

Mrs. Corabelle DeClerg
Ingham County Medical Care
3860 Dobie Rd, Room 112
Okemos, MI 48864-3704

PS Newsletter 2010 Vol. 47, No 1, Page 5

PS#1556 Susan Ryan traces her Parks lineage back to Silas through his daughter, Amanda (02CU4) Parks. According to earlier family history, Amanda was married to Capt. Francis Clark, Cavalry Div, Union Army, who was killed during the Civil War. However, researchers have been unable to find in the Civil War files a Francis Clark from Michigan, of the right age, who was killed during the war.

However, the Michigan, Genesee County Marriage Index to 1934 has a record of Amanda M. Parkes married to Jetson J. Clark on June 17, 1859. Jetson Clark’s Union service record states that he enlisted as a Private in Company M, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Michigan on 31 August, 1861. He died of disease on July 24, 1862 at Rienzi, Mississippi. Further information states that he died in the hospital at Keokuk, Iowa which is where Union soldiers were frequently taken. He is buried at Keokuk National Cemetery, Keokuk, IA. The Civil War Pension files list his widow, Amanda M. Clark, and under comments is: Almon B. Clark, Gdn. From this research, I think it is reasonable to conclude that Amanda’s first husband was Jetson (Judson) Clark. There were two children from this marriage: Francis Clark and Ardella Jane Clark. There is presently a discrepancy as to the date of birth for Francis; also whether his middle name is Walter or just “M,” which appears on his tombstone. PS # 1556 thinks their daughter, Ardella Jane is the first child, born on 10 September 1861 at Thompson Corners. She and other researchers believe that Almon B. Clark had guardianship and possibly physical possession of Francis since he is never mentioned in any census as being with his mother and sister.

Amanda (02CU4) Clark and her daughter are living in Detroit, Michigan in 1880 where Ardella Jane married Edward Stalzle on 11 November 1880. Edward was born in 1861 at Ontario, Canada and died 1907 in California. There were two children from this marriage: Anson George b. 12 July 1881, Michigan and Gertrude May b. June 1884, Illinois. Ardella Jane’s second marriage was to Henry E. Newton b. abt. 1858 at Hamilton, Canada. Ardella Jane died 1 March 1919 in Sacramento, California.

In 1880, Francis Clark gave his birthdate as about 1861. He was married, a farmer living in Summerfield, Clare, Michigan. His fi rst wife was Alice Treadway (b. 1862, Perry, Shiawasse, Michigan; d.1888 Morrice, Shiawasse, Michigan). The three children from this union—Judson, Claude, and Blanche Alice—were raised by their grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Treadway after Alice’s death. By 1900, Francis was living in Denver, Arapahoe, Colorado married to Sarah/Sadie and they had three children: Melvina Jane (b.1895), Erwin/Irwin (b.1897), and Hazel Ruth (b.1898). Sarah/Sadie was born in October, 1863 in Canada. Francis Clark died in 1922. He and his second wife are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Colorado.

It is highly probable that Amanda (02CU4) Clark moved to Pullman, Illinois with her daughter, Ardella, and family, since the Stalzles were employed building Pullman railcars. On 9 September 1885 a marriage license was taken out by Johannes Decker and Amanda Clark, both residents of Pullman, Cook Co, Illinois. Marriage was performed on 12 September 1885 by the Methodist minister. The family researchers believe that this is their “Amanda.” By 1910, however, the location of Amanda Clark Decker is not known. She is not with Henry and Ardella Newton who are then living in Sutter, California. Both of them died in that area and are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento, California. Researchers found a Johannie Decker, age 69, who died in Cook County, IL on 25 January 1899, but is this the correct individual? If Amanda was again a widow, did she move back to Michigan or perhaps marry a third time? She was born in 1839 at Shiawasse, Michigan and so would only be 61 in 1900.

The search still continues for the ancestry of Silas Leonard (01CU1) Parks. There is a fairly strong paper trail which connects Silas, Peter Glick (01CU2) Parks, and Loudon (01IO1) Parks together as brothers. So far, only one Park/e/s descendant from this lineage has donated to our Volunteer DNA project and he does not match any others in our data base. More volunteers are needed particularly because presently there is a surname question. Be aware that descendants of this lineage have used both Park and Parks as their surname.


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