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David Parks of Coshocton, OH

PS Newsletter, Vol. 49, No. 1, Page 7 (2013)

Coshocton County, Ohio, is located in the southern section of northwestern Ohio. It was established from Muskingum County on 1 April 1811 and reached its present boundaries in 1825. Coshocton's Indian beginnings are seen in its name which translated from the Delaware Indian language means "union of the waters." The county seat, Coshocton, is at the forks of the Muskingum River where the Tuscarawas and Walhonding rivers join to form the Muskingum River. This county is bordered by the counties of Holmes, Knox, Tuscarawas, and Muskingum. The counties of Licking and Guernsey are also nearby.

Several different Park/e/s lineages lived in this general area during the early 1800s. One such was David Parks, his wife, Catherine and their children who settled in Washington Township before 1820. David's birth date has been given as 19 July 1775, but it is not clear where he was born. His death date is 1 May 1866 at Coshocton; he is buried in the Branch Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery. A family line researcher believes that his father was Samuel Parks Park (b. 1746 Ulster, Ireland - d. 1797 Berkeley, James, VA) but source material is lacking. On the 1850 census, David states he is 76 years old, born in Maryland.

The surname of Catherine, David's wife, is unknown, as is her place of birth. One researcher states that Catherine Case was born 18 March 1778, Exeter, Washington, RI. Place of birth is not given for Catherine on the 1850 census. She died that year and is buried in Branch Cemetery. It is obvious that their children did not know since each one named a different state on the 1880 census: NY, OH, PA, and VA.

Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850 has a David Parks married to Catherine Case at Greenbrier, Virginia on 18 January 1802 but this marriage date does not fit very well with the births of their older children.

David's will has been used to confirm the names of eight children born to this couple. His will was written July 1861 and probated 20 July 1866. "I will and bequeath to Joseph Parks, William Parks, Mary Fiecoat, Sarah Musgrove, Deborah Squire, Elizabeth Squire, and Catharine McCoy - they being my legal heirs, each equal shares of my estate, after making the following deductions, my executor shall take out of the share of Elizabeth Squire the amount of $25. and add same to the share of Catharine McCoy and shall pay --- to grandson, Charles Parks, son of Charles Parks, Sr. $5. and no more. To great granddaughter Katherine Parks, daughter of David W. Parks, the sum of $20. and no more."

  1. Catharine Parks (ca. 1800 PA- ) m. Unknown McCoy. In 1860 she is living in White Eyes, Coshocton with Alexander McCoy, age 21 b. OH; Mary Spencer age 24 b. OH, and Alexander Spencer age 3 b. OH.
    1. Alexander McCoy (ca. 1840-). Civil War Draft. Registration: 1 July 1863: Alexander R McCoy, age 24, married, b. PA living in Franklin, Washington, PA may possibly be Catharine's son.
  2. Joseph Parks (1800 Muskingum, OH-1865 Coshocton) m. Muskingum Co to Jane Richcreek (1799 VA-1861 Coshocton). Eleven children were born to this union. Nothing is known of Sarah (b. ca. 1823) or Thomas A. (b. ca. 1842).
    1. David W. Parks (1821-1890) m. 1843 (1) Elizabeth Byrant (1821-1845), one dau. David m. 1847 (2) Mary J. Corder. 18 children. Family lived in Adams, Ohio.
    2. Phillip Parks (1825- ) m. 1846 Mary Jane Slaughter. Family moved to Greene, IN then in 1900 to Sheridan, NE. Census data shows Phillip with a second, possibly third wife. Phillip had a total of 12 children
    3. Catharine Parks (1827-1894) m. Jonathan Parks of New York. More on this lineage will be featured in a later article
    4. Samuel L. Parks (1829-1904) m. 1848 Mary Ann Kelley. Family stayed in Coshocton. Nine children
    5. William E. Parks (1831- 1902) m. (1) Elizabeth McConaty; m. (2) Sarah Beard. William's Obit.: 5 children from 1st m.; 2 from 2nd. Lived in Indiana
    6. Hannah Parks (1834-1914) m. Daniel Slaughter. Eight children. Family settled in Ogle, IL
    7. Deborah Parks (1836- ) m. David Passmore. Six children. Family moved from Greene, IN to Cowley, KS
    8. Joseph Parks (1838- ) Family Lines and census offers confl icting data. Possibly 3 marriages and several children
    9. Susan J. Parks (1846- ) m. James Morrow. Two children. Lived in Coshocton and Tuscarawas, OH
  3. Mary Parks (ca. 1802 OH- ) m. Michall Fivecoat (Indian heritage). Son, Alexander (1827-1831) bur. Virginia Twp. Cemetery. 1860 US Federal Census Mitcheltree, Martin, Indiana has Micheal Fivecoat, age 59 with wife Mary A. age 58 b. OH. Others in hshd are: Charles W. age 16 b. OH and Elizabeth age 17 b. OH. Charles Fivecoat served as a Union soldier during Civil War
  4. Charles Parks (ca. 1804 - 1830) buried Branch Meth. Epis. Cem. Charles m. Nancy Richcreek. There were three children. Nothing found for Andrew or Thomas
    1. Charles McDonald Parks (1827-1909) m. 1848 Mary E. Richcreek. Nine children. Family lived in Wright, Greene, IN
  5. Sarah Parks (1809 - ) m. (1) Lewis Ogan; m. (2) Thompson Roberts; m. (3) Moses Musgrave. There is a question whether the surname is Ogan or Ogden. Earlier researchers also reversed the name of Thompson Roberts. Ogan/ Odgen children are: David P. (b. abt.1828); Lewis (b. abt.1830); Charles (b. abt.1833); John (b. abt.1835); Catherine (b. abt.1840); Joseph (b. abt 1842) NOTE: father died 1840. Roberts children are: Jane (b. abt. 1847) and Mary Elizabeth (b. abt.1848)
    1. Charles Odgen (b. Aug.1832 OH) m. Margarett Unknown. Seven children. Living in Missouri by 1870
    2. John Ogan (ca. 1835) John served in the 51 OH Inf., Company D from 1861-1865. His rank in was Corporal, rank out was Sergeant. In 1868, he may have been living in Cleveland, OH as a carpenter
    3. Mary (Elizabeth) Roberts (ca. 1848) m. William Dickey. Four children in 1880 living in Coshocton. Mother, Sarah Musgrave also living in household
  6. William Parks (1812 - 1889) Coshocton bur. Branch Meth. Epis. Cem.; m. Mary Unknown (1812-1890). Six children. No information on daughter, Elizabeth (ca. 1843)
    1. Joseph Parks (ca. 1836 - ) m. Mary Woolford. Three children. Living in Coshocton in 1880
    2. William F. Parks (ca. 1839-1881) m. Nancy Wright. Nine children. Living in Coshocton in 1880
    3. Eli French Parks (ca. 1844-1875) m. (1) Sarah Dorcas Richcreek. Two children. Eli m. (2) Nancy Evaline Jones. Three children. In 1880 all five children are living with paternal grandparents in Coshocton
    4. Hiram Parks (ca. 1847-1921) m. Sarah Ellen Darr. Seven children. Family living in Coshocton in 1880
    5. Elijah Parks (ca. 1849-1929) m. Mariah Darr. Six children. Family living in Coshocton in 1880.
  7. Elizabeth Parks (ca. 1814- ) m. William Perry Squire. Living in Greene IN in 1850 next door to Bradley Squire. Nine children surname Squire. No information found on: William (ca. 1837-); Jane (ca. 1839-); Sarah (ca. 1841-); Katharine (ca. 1843 ); Mary E. (ca. 1845-); Susannah (ca. 1847-); Martha (ca. 1847-); Loui A. [sic census sheet] (ca. 1849)
    1. David Squire (ca. 1852-) m. Alice Unknown. Nine children. Living Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory in 1900.
  8. Deborah Parks (1817-1901) m. Bradley Squire. Family living in Greene, IN in 1870. Ten children surname Squire. No information found for: Martha C. (ca. 1843-); Alfreda J. (ca. 1847-); Catherine (ca. 1850-); Mary E. (ca. 1852-); Susan (ca. 1861-)
    1. Perry Squire (1837-1922) m. (1) Elizabeth Haney; (2) Sarah A. Joyce. Seven children all from fi rst marriage. Family lived in Greene, IN
    2. Nathan Squire (1841-1925) m. Sarah Bonham. Eight children - six living in 1900. Resided in Greene, IN
    3. Charles L. Squire (1845-1930) m. Lizzie Grant. Two children. Living in Greene, IN
    4. William Squire (1856-) m. Feta Ferguson. One child. Living in Greene, IN
    5. David Delano Squire (ca. 1858-1942) m. Sarah Unknown. One child. Living in Greene, IN
  9. Mariah Parks (ca. 1815- ) m. 1836 Coshocton to Thomas Dunfee. Nine children - surname Dunfee. Nancy (ca. 1837 OH-); William (ca. 1839 IN-); Margaret (ca. 1842 IN-); Samuel (ca. 1844 OH -); Aaron (ca. 1846 IN-); Cordelia (ca. 1850 IN-); Mary A. (ca. 1850 IN-); Louisa (ca. 1860 IN- ). Family in Wabash, IN in 1870.

    NOTE: Mariah Parks (1815 OH-) m. Thomas Dunfee. Mariah is not named in David Parks's will. This name appears on the J. David Parks/ Catherine Unknown group sheet compiled by Bonnie Hamilton, Coshocton, OH 1992. The source of the initial "J" is not given and I have omitted it because David did not use it on any of his Coshocton County records.

This Parks lineage is definitely a work in progress. It has been difficult trying to sort out the various Parks lines particularly for those individuals born before 1850. Please send me any additions or corrections. I do have more information that I am willing to share.

Sources: Census data, Family lines, Wills, Marriage records, Cemetery records, Civil War records, Obituaries.