Missing Link (LK=IO, CU)

Missing Link (LK=IO, CU)
Loudon H. Parks

PS Newsletter, Vol. 44, No. 3, Page 41 (2008)

Loudon H. Park(s) (b. ca. 1802 VT, d. bef. 1870), is now believed to be the brother of Silas L. Parks (LK=CU) and Peter Glick Park.

According to Family Bible Records, provided by an earlier Parke Society member, Mr. Parks of Bennington Co, Vermont had four sons: Silas Leonard (b. 1801 VT-d. 1876 MI); Peter Glick (b. 1807 VT-d. 1891 MO); George; and Loudon. More recent research shows that George, who notarized at least one of the Broome County, New York deeds, was from the Robert MA 1630 lineage. However, in 1824, Silas L. Parks and his wife Lozina sold property in the Town of Chenango to Loudon and Peter Park of Chenango, thought to be his brothers.

I have found a Lawden Parks on the 1830 U. S. Census for Shaftsbury, Bennington, Vermont. The household has one male between 20-30, one female under age 5, and one female between 20-30. I believe that this is Loudon H. Park(s) born about 1802 in Vermont married to Sarah -?- was born about 1809 in Vermont.

This family unit has been interesting to trace because of their clear migration pattern westward from Vermont → New York/Pennsylvania → Ohio → Illinois → Iowa → Missouri → Kansas. Although the surname was originally Parks, the family dropped the "s" as they moved west. I did not find any matches on our Society Given Name data base but that may be due to the census spelling of some of the given names. This family was definitely proud of the fact that the parents came from Vermont.

Loudon and Sarah didn't spend much time in New York or Pennsylvania because by 1840 they appear on the census for Trumbull County, Ohio. In 1850, they are living in Centre, Bureau, Illinois. The household consists of Loudon, age 47, b. VT; Sarah, age 40, b. VT; Thomas J., age 18, b. NY; Byron D., age 15, b. NY; Rebecca- age 13, b. PA; Loudon H., Jr., age 11, b. OH/PA; Ransom, age 9, b. OH; Horace, age 6, b. OH; Orrin, age 4, b. OH; Sarah, age 1, b. IL. Also in the household is Martha Odell, age 42, b. VT. By 1856, they have moved to Green Bay, Lee, Iowa and have two more children: Martha (Ann), age 5, b. IL and Charles, age 2, b. IL.

Loudon's family was a staunch supporter of the Union cause. Loudon was 59 years old at the time of his enlistment into "I" Co, IA 37th Infantry on November 19, 1862. He was discharged for disability on May 21, 1863 at St. Louis, Missouri. He must have died before 1870 because only Sarah and son, Charles are in the household on the Linn, Cedar, Missouri census. By 1885, Sarah is on the Kansas State Census for Parson, Labette, living in the household of J. W. Morgan and his wife, Rebecca. She does not appear on the U. S. 1900 census so she probably died between 1895 and 1900.

There were eleven known children of this marriage:

  1. Female Parks, a female child is listed on the 1830 and 1840 census data but not in 1850 so either she died before 1850 or was married by then.
  2. Thomas J. Park, b. ca. 1832, NY. I believe he married E. Jane -?-, b. ca. 1835 in OH. If I have the correct individual, he is listed as Jefferson Park on the 1860 census for Carrollton, Carroll, MO and also in 1870 in LaHarpe, Hancock, IL. By 1875, T. J. Park and wife E. J. are living in Liberty, Cowly, Kansas. He is still living in Liberty in 1880 and states that his parents were born in Vermont. There are four children in the household: Lucius E., b. ca. 1853, IL; Charles F., b. ca. 1858, IA; Mary E., b. ca. 1860, MO; and Orfa J., b. ca. 1862, MO.
    1. Lucius E. Park, b. ca. 1853, IL, m. Anna B. -?-, b. ca. 1858, MO. They appear on the 1880 census for Pleasant Hill, Cass, MO with one child: Leroy P. Park, age 1, b. MO.
  3. Byron D. Park, b. Feb. 1835, NY, m. Hester A. -?-, b. Aug. 1839 in OH. In 1870 Byron is found in Linn, Cedar, MO; in 1880 he is Elm Grove, Labette, KS; in 1900 he has moved to Township 28, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, and in 1920, he and Hester are living in the household of their son, Herbert D. in Locust Grove, DeBaca, New Mexico. Byron and his wife had five children: Henry J., b. ca. 1859, IA; Alice C., b. ca. 1860, MO; Mary I., b. ca. 1866, IA; Adda J., b. ca. 1867, IA; and Herbert D., b. Dec. 1875, KS.
    1. Herbert D. Park, b. Dec. 1875, KS, m. Elizabeth -?-, b. abt1878 Wyoming. In 1910 this family was living in Locust Grove, Guadalupe, NM but moved to Locust Grove, DeBaca, NM by 1920 and were still living there in 1930. Their four children: Emma Mabel, b. ca. 1904, OK; Clara B., b. ca. 1906, OK; Louise Alice, b. ca. 1915, NM; Wayne L., b. ca. 1921, NM.
  4. Rebecca Park, b. April 1837, PA, m. John W. Morgan, b. July 1835, IN. In 1860, the Morgan's were living in Wakenda, Carroll, MO, moving from there to Linn, Cedar, MO, Parsons, Labette, KS; Osage, Labette, KS, Ladodre, Neosho, KS, and in 1905 are in Chetopa, Labette, KS. Rebecca and John had 10 children with 7 living in 1900. Their children: Sarah Hester, b. ca. 1858, MO; Charles H., b. Jan. 1867, IA; James D., b. ca. 1869, MO; Robert, b. ca. 1872, MO; Horace, b. Dec. 1873, MO; Mary, b. ca. 1876, MO; Ida, b. Apr. 1876, MO; Fred, b. Oct. 1881, MO.
    1. Charles H. Morgan, b. Jan. 1867, IA m. (1) Emma A. -?-, b. Oct. 1864 MO; m. (2) Effie -?-, b. ca. 1879, MO. Charles was living in Parker, Montgomery, KS in 1910. The number of years given for his two marriages does not compute with the ages of the three children.
    2. James D. Morgan, b. ca. 1869 MO, m. Ellara -?-, b. ca. 1868, KS. In 1895, they are living in Marion, Bourbon, KS with one child: Robert, b. ca. 1894, KS.
    3. Horace Morgan, b. Dec. 1873 MO, m. Ethel -?-, b. Mar. 1878 MO. In 1900, the family is living in Parsons Ward 3, Labette, KS with one child: Lester H., b. July 1897, KS.
    4. Ida Morgan, b. Apr. 1876 MO, m. -?- Grace. By 1900, Ida is divorced and back living with her parents. She has one child: William Grace, b. Oct. 1895 KS.
  5. Loudon H. Park, Jr., b. April 1839 PA, m. Ruth -?-, b. ca. 1844, IN, d. bef. 1900. On July 29, 1863, Loudon was mustered into "H" Co Iowa 8th Cavalry (Union) as a Corporal. He was discharged on May 26, 1865 at Jeffersonville, IN as a Private. He applied for a Civil War Pension on January 28, 1874. In 1870, Loudon is living in Linn, Cedar, MO but by 1880, they have moved to Eureka Springs, Carroll, Arkansas, moving to Osage, Labette, KS in 1900, South Elgin, Union, OR in 1910, and back to KS in 1920 where he is living with his son. Six children were born to this family: Luella, b. ca. 1867, MO; Landon B., b. May 1869, MO; Mary E., b. ca. 1872, MO; Hays E., b. ca. 1875, MO; Minnie, b. June 1878, MO; Belle, b. Sep. 1881, Arkansas.
    1. Landon B. Park, b. May 1869, MO, m. Nellie -?-, b. May 1874, MO. In 1900, Landon is listed on the Joplin Ward 5, Jasper, MO census. By 1905, the family has moved to Osage, Labette, KS where they are still living in 1920. Landon's father, Loudon Parkes age 80, parents b. Vermont is living in the household in 1920. (Note: Landon's given name is given as L. B. or Burr) Landon and Nellie had two children: Harry, b. ca. 1902, KS and Keneth, b. ca. 1907, KS.
  6. Ransom D. Park, b. ca. 1841, OH, m. Margaret E. -?-, b. ca. 1848, KY. Ransom Park enlisted as a Private on 26 December 1863 and was mustered out on 24 Aug. 1865 at Devall's Bluff, AR. He served in Union Company I, 36th Iowa Regiment, Iowa Infantry. He applied for a pension on Dec. 18, 1891 and his widow applied on Jan. 19, 1923. Ransom is listed on the 1870 census in Linn, Cedar, MO but by 1880 the family has moved to Saint Charles, Floyd, IA. Ransom and Margaret had five children: Richard E., b. ca. 1868, WI; Lizzie, b. ca. 1872, WI; Eldon Wayman, b. June 1876, IA; Fannie, b. ca. 1879, IA; Elma, b. ca. 1870, MO, prob. d. bef. 1880
    1. Richard E. Park, b. ca. 1868, WI, m. Clara C. Schuknecht, b. ca. 1876, IA. This family lived in Charles City, Floyd, IA. Richard died before 1925 according to the Iowa State Census of 1 Jan. 1925 which also gives Clara's maiden name. Four children are listed: Percy, b. 25 Apr. 1900 IA; Ruth C., b. ca. 1902, IA; Eldon C., b. ca. 1905 IA; Clara, b. ca. 1911 IA. (Note: WW I Draft Registration card for Percy Edgar Park gives his father Richard E. Park as next of kin)
    2. Eldon Wayman Park, WW I Draft Registration card gives his next of kin as his mother (Mrs. Margaret Park)
  7. Horace E. Park, b. ca. 1844 OH, m. L. E. -?_, b. ca. 1873, KS. Horace enlisted as a Private 14 Feb. 1863 serving in Company I, 36th Regiment, Iowa Infantry for the Union. He was mustered out on 24 Aug. 1865 at Devall's Bluff, Arkansas. His pension file is dated May 15, 1875. Horace was evidently injured in the war because in 1880 he is listed as disabled and living in his brother Loudon's household. In 1900, Horace is living in Galena Ward 2, Cherokee, KS, states that he is divorced, his parents were born in VT. On the 1915 KS State census he is H. E. age 71 with L. E. age 42 (wife?) and Bella age 26 (daughter?). On the 1920 and 1930 censuses, his marital status is widowed.
  8. Orrin Park was b. ca. 1846, OH, m. Lucinda Coleman, b. Dec. 1848, IL. Orrin enlisted as a Private Company I, 36th Regiment, Iowa Infantry on 11 August 1862 and was mustered out on 24 Aug. 1865 at Devall's Bluff, AR. He applied for a Civil War pension on July 14, 1881 and his widow applied on Apr. 7, 1887 (note: date of widow's application is difficult to read). In 1870 Orrin and Lucinda were living in Durham, Hancock, IL but by 1875 they had moved to Labette, KS. On the 1900 census Lucinda M. Park is a widow, had five children with four living. Children listed on the census: Mary Edith, b. ca. 1869, IL; Minnie M., b. ca. 1871, IL; Myrtle O., b. ca. 1876, KS; Edna, b. 14 Aug. 1880, KS
    1. Edna Park, b. 14 Aug. 1880 at Labette, Altamont, KS. Father, Oren Park; Mother, Lucinda Coleman (Family Data Collection-Individual Records)
  9. Sarah Park, b. ca. 1850, IL, nothing further found after the 1860 census.
  10. Martha Ann Park, b. ca. 1851, IL, nothing further found after the 1860 census.
  11. Charles W. Park, b. ca. 1854, IL, m. Mary E. Whitmore, b. ca. 1860, IA.

    I had a difficult time locating this family unit. In 1910, they are living in Kaweah, Tulare, CA. His wife states on the census that she had six children and four are living. Two children are still in the household: Adam Whitmore, b. 23 Jan. 1889, NE; Louden Charles, b. 7 July 1894, CA.

    1. Adam W. Park, m. Jessie H. Smith, b. ca. 1893, MO. In 1920 they are living in Fresno, CA with one child by 1930 they are in Dinuba, Tulare, CA with two sons and two daughters.
    2. Louden Charles Park appears in the household of his brother on the 1920 census. He has reversed his given names to Charles Louden. His WWI Draft Registration card gives his name as Charles Louden Park and his next of kin as wife.

I am fairly confident that the family units are correct, however it was difficult to trace some of the generations down to the 1930 United States census because the census takers were fairly inconsistent in their spelling. The lack of an 1890 census made it impossible to find all the children of the households. Please wobens1899@gmail.comsend to me with any additions or corrections, with sources. This manuscript with all available information may be borrowed by Parke Society members from Ken Parks PS#1406, Library Caretaker.