Missing Link (LK=OQ)

Missing Link (LK=OQ)
John Parks of York County, PA

PS Newsletter, Vol. 41, No 2, page 24 (2005)

The following report was compiled in September, 2003. The Lineage Key is OQ. This manuscript was put together from materials submitted by Richard Martens, PS#1242. Strong documentation links this John Parks lineage to the Andrew Gibson lineage. The geographic locations are Cumberland County and York County PA; Frederick Co, MD; Greene Co, OH; and White Co, IN. They were members of the Old Presbyterian Church known as Seceders, and also later joined the Church of God, known as the New Dunkard.

John Parks was born about 1715, possibly in Ulster County, Ireland. He died about August, 1777 in Warrington Township, York County, PA. John married (1) Jane/Jean Alexander Morrow (widow), born about 1715, and thought to be the daughter of [?] Alexander and Elizabeth Knox. John married (2) Mary [?]. It is not clear who the children's mother is.

John Parks made his will March 15, 1777. He mentions his wife, Mary Parks; his son Robert Parks; his daughter Margaret, wife of James Hoge; his son John Parks; his daughter Jane, wife of William Morrow; his daughter Mary Parks; his daughter Martha, wife of John Gibson; and his friend Adam Richey. Executors were his son, Robert Parks and Adam Richey; witnesses were Edward Ohail, Thomas Dobbs, and Cerley Hennes. John Parks had six children:

  1. Robert Parks (born about 1737)
  2. Margaret Parks (about 1740-Sep., 1827) married James Hoge, 1762. Margaret is buried in Archer Cemetery, Princeton, IN.
  3. John Parks, Jr. (about 1743-Sep.,1812); married Margaret Gibson, daughter of Andrew Gibson and Elizabeth Carnes, about 1765. Margaret was born about 1743 and died 23 April, 1813 in Baltimore, MD. Five children were born to John, Jr., and Margaret Gibson:
    1. Elizabeth Parks (about 1767-1819; Baltimore, MD); married Thomas McElderry 16 June, 1787.
    2. Jane Jenny Parks (about 1769-1844); married (1) S. Leggate, Dec., 1787; married (2) Harm Alricks, Jan., 1791.
    3. Andrew Parks
    4. Margaret Parks, married Harmanus Boggs, 1806.
    5. Male Parks, died before 1813.
  4. Jane Parks, born about 1746; married William Morrow.
  5. Mary Parks, born about 1749; (Mary was not married in 1777).
  6. Martha Parks, born about 1753, died 15 May, 1828, Greene Co, OH; married John Gibson, son of Andrew Gibson and Elizabeth Carnes. John was born about 1754 (PA?) and died 13 May, 1830 in Greene Co, OH. John is buried Old Massie's Creek, Xenia Township, OH. Ten children were born to Martha and John:
    1. Thomas Gibson (1774, Chambersburg, PA-?); married Martha Hogg (Hogue), 1792
    2. Margaret Gibson (1776, Chambersburg, PA, before 1830); married John Long about Aug.1797
    3. Andrew Gibson (1778 Chambersburg, PA-1851); married Jennie Stevenson, 1806
    4. William Gibson (1781 PA/MD-1851 Carroll Co, IN); married Mary Chambers, 1808 in Greene Co, OH.
    5. John Gibson (1785, Chambersburg, PA-1836 IN); married Jane Clancy, 1811
    6. Samuel Gibson (born Jan.,1788??); family tradition
    7. Othaniel Gibson (born Jan., 1791??); family tradition
    8. James Gibson (1793, Blount Co, TN-?); married Esther Cochrane
    9. Robert Gibson (born Aug., 1794??); family tradition
    10. George Gibson (Sep., 1798-after 1855); married Anna Nutt (widow)

Sources: Will of John Parks (15 Married 1777; probate 6 Aug., 1777, York Co, PA); Will of Andrew Gibson (probate 24 Married 1783, Cumberland Co, PA); History of Frederick County, Vol. 1 pp.82-83; Schaef, J. T. History of Western Maryland, Vols. I and II, 1882, pp. 126, 134, 1189; Gibson, Sarah. Gibson Genealogy, ca.1910, pp.16-19; History of White County, IN, pp.676, 677.