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James Monroe Parks (06T344)

PS Newsletter Vol. 38, No. 3, Page 37 (2001)

James Monroe Parks was born August 20, 1818 in Tennessee, the second son of John and Martha (?) Parks. His parents were living in North Carolina when his older brother, Wilie A. Parks, was born abt. 1817. By 1840, the family had moved to Mississippi because on November 16th of that year, property in Winston County was deeded from John M. Parks to John Parks and James M. Parks.

On March 24, 1845 in Winston Co., MS, James took Miss Jane Hanna Margarette Young (b. 1830 Jefferson Co. AL) as his bride. She was the daughter of Thomas and Winnifred (Brown) Young. Their first child, John Thomas Parks, was born February 25, 1847 at Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS. That same year John Park died intestate in Winston County leaving his widow with two young children.

Martha Park (widow of John) signed a court record on January 1, 1848 declining her right to administer her late husband's estate and asked that her sons: Wilie A. Parks or james M. Parks or both take charge as administrator. Her son Wilie A. Parks respectfully petitioned the Court that his father, John Parks, late of said County, departed this life on or about the last of November 1847. John posessed a small amount of land and personal property. He died intestate leaving a widow who now resides in said County and she has relinquished and renounced her right to administer the said estate.

James and his family had settled in Noxubee Co., Mississippi where four more children were born. In 1859 they were living in Clarke County when his wife, Jane, died from a womb hemorrhage. According to the family story, his young family was cared for by his wife's sister, Mrs. John Tyler, during the Civil War years.

On August 20, 1862 at Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi James enlisted in the 7th Confederate Cavalry, 1st Company H, 1 Reg't Mississippi Partisan Rangers for a period of three years. His horse was valued at $600 and his equipment at $30. His rank was that of Captain but he was later promoted to Major by his General. Later this General received a letter from the Confederate States of America, War Dept. Adjutant and Inspector General's Office stating that "in the case of Capt. J.M. Parks, 1st Reg't, Miss. Par. Ran. that his knowledge of tactics and the practical and theoretical duties of a field officer are too limited to entitle him to the position of Maj. of Cavalry."

However, J.M. Parks is listed under General James R. Chalmers, C.S. Army Commanding 1st Div. Cavalry, Forrest's Command, 2nd Brigade Col. Robert McColloch, 1st Mississippi Partasan Rangers as Maj. J.M. Park. In the "Military History of Mississippi," at the crossing of Coldwater, Major Park is distinguished for bravery for holding the ford against the enemy until after dark. In May 1864, Major James M. Park was commanding, in McCulloch's Brigade. According to the records, his other duties during the war were involved with purchasing and foraging for supplies. Major Park signed his "Parole of Honor" at Meridian, MS on May 12, 1865.

Sometime between 1860 - 1869, James married his second wife, Martha Jane Amos. He and Martha continued to live in MS after the war where their only child, Fannie Burnette was born in 1871, By 1872, James was President of Parksville Manufacturing Company, Lauderdale Co., MS which was evidently a wool company because his daughter Mattie's letter to her brother Thomas and his wife mentions that "we are at our new home (DeSota, MS), got here the 27 of March (1872). Pa has not got the factory started yet but expect to start soon...has not got enough wool yet... We have a beautiful place if it was improved a little more. Pa is having it fixed now, the railroad runs just in front of our gate. The train will stop for anyone to get on or off which is very handy for us... We have a few very nice neighbors but they are very scarce but what is here is very good and kind. I think that we will be very well pleased after awhile. It is 2 1/2 miles from Desota and 2 1/2 from (Ziuilman) Guelman?, haven't any Church any nearer. There is a great deal of fruit in the neighborhood but very little on our place, but can get what we want. Mea has got a very pretty gardin to be so late."

By 1875, James was living in McLennan Co., Texas. His son John Thomas Parks who had married Cynthia Edwards was living in Webb City, Arkansas when he died in 1878. James traveled to Webb City and brought the widow and children back to Texas.

In March 1879, James purchased 65 acres in San Saba, Texas from T.B. Tate for $500. He then built and operated a grist mill on Rough Creek near its mouth into the Colorado River. There was a sawmill and cotton gin. The Mill was operating by 1880. The walls of the mill are still intact today but all of the machenery and furnishings are long since gone. The edifice is identified as "Parks Mill" on the U.S. Coast and Geodetic survey maps of the area. Sometime after 1880 James and Martha moved to Bowser San Saba County after he traded the mill at Colony for land and other consideration in Bowser.

James Monroe Parks died August 4, 1895 and was buried in the Richland Springs Cemetery, Richland Springs, San Saba Co., Texas. He died intestate, and when his widow, martha, died in 1909 her Will left all the property to their only daughter, Fannie B. Parks Harkey.


John Parks (1790 NC-Nov. 1847 Winston Co., MS) m. Martha ? (abt. 1792 NC-); children:

  1. Wilie A. Parks (abt 1817 NC -) m. Mary A. Dickenson (1819, AL-1869 Winston Co., MS); one child:
    1. Wilie C. parks (1846 MS-)
  2. James M. Parks (1818 TN-1895 TX) m. (1)Jane Hannah Margarette Young (1830-1859); children (Note: PS#498's ancestry):
    1. John Thomas Parks (1847 MS-1878 AR) m. Cynthia Hatton Edwards
    2. Warren M. Parks(1850 MS-)
    3. Mattie A. Parks (1853 MS-)
    4. Balzora Ann Parks (1857 MS-1932 TX) m. (1)James H. Gregory m.(2)James H. Lindsey
    5. Vira A. Parks (1858 MS-)

    James M. Parks (1818 TN-1895 TX) m. (2) Martha Jane Amos; one child:

    1. Fannie Burnette Parks (1871 MS-1948 TX) m. Andrew Jackson Harkey

  3. William Foster Parks (1829 TN-1904 MS) m. Margaret P. Sinclair (1836 AL-1880); children (Note: PS#981's ancestry):
    1. James L. Parks (1858 MS-1943 MS) m. Mary Jane Mays
    2. David W. Parks (1860 MS-1928 MS) m. Mary Adeline Simmons
    3. M. Sarah Parks (1862 MS-1917) m. Wandy Longston
    4. Margaret J. Parks (1864 MS-1921)
    5. John Wylie Parks (1865 MS-1885)
    6. Elvina E. Parks (1867 MS-1885 MS)
    7. Willie Oliphant Parks (1867 MS-1867)
    8. Timpie Aurel Parks (1871 MS- ) m. S.D. Moore
    9. Rufus E. Parks (1873 MS- )
    10. Kelly W. Parks (1875 MS- ) m. Lilly Dawkins
    11. Luther Parks (1877 MS-1918 MS)
  4. Rebecca Parks (1833 TN- )

James Monroe Parks is the ancestor of Brad Gale PS#498 who has used various military, court, census, and family records to provide a documented time line which I found very helpful. I sent a draft of this article to Brad, who then sent me more information on the other children of John and Martha Parks. By using a "given name" data base, I was able to make a connection with Wylie K. Parks PS#981's ancestry. Mr. Gale is trying to trace the ancestry of John Parks (b. 1790 NC-d. Nov. 1847 MS) and his wife Martha. His address is: 460 N. Hillcrest Dr. #415-4, Roosevelt, UT 84066-2217. Email: bradgale@ubtanet.com Please be sure to copy our Historian, Tad Parks #425, on any information you send to Mr. Gale.

2005 Vol. 41, No. 1, Page 10

Additions and Corrections:

"John Parks and Martha Felts from North Carolina to Mississippi"

John Parks1 was born about 1792 in NC, and died in Nov. 1847 in Winston Co., MS. Court documents provided his widow's given name, marthas, and also named two sons: Wilie A.2 Parks (b, abt. 1816) and James Monroe2 Parks (b. 1818). There were also two younger children: William Foster2 Parks (b. 1829) and Sarah Rebecca2 Parks (b. 1833). Three Parkes Society members are descended in this lineage:PS#498 Brad Gale, PS#981 Wylie Parks, and PS#1252 James Parks. This group does an excellent job of researching and providing documented information. (An article on this line by your Librarian appeared in the Newsletter, 2001 Vol. 38, No.3, Page 37, under the title "James Monroe Parks")

From PS#498 Brad Gale: new information-

Wilkes County, North Carolina Marriage Bonds, date of bond 22 Apr. 1809, Bondsman and Witness: Silas Reynolds and (w) H. Roussau, D.C. We hope that Felts is the maiden name of John's wife, Martha. If so, then the following information on the Felts (Phelps) family is relevant.

Welks County, North Carolina Heritage Book, p. 196: Felts Family, No.537: The family legend has Aaron Felts1, emigrant, married about 1760 to Mollie Collier, daughter of William and Rebecca Rothchild. It is known that Aaron was living in the Hunting Creek area of Wilkes Co., NC in 1810. One of their children was John2 Felts (1770-1866) who married Mary Walker about 1788. Their daughter, Martha3 married John Parks, Jr., on 22 April 1809.

The following information is from a direct descendant:

Sarah Rebecca2 Parks (dau. John and Martha Parks) mar. Jesse B. Harding on 24 December 1850, at Winston Co., MS. Jesse Harding enlisted in the Winston County Fort Donelson Avengers on 2 Mar 1862, along with his brother-in-law Wiley Parks. Jesse was a prisnor of war on Ship Island in 1865. After the War, the family lived in Noxubee Co., MS, and Jesse died apparently sometime between 1875 and 1880. When the US Census of 1880 was taken, Rebecca was back in Winston Co., MS, living with her brother Wiley Parks and grandson Stonewall J. Harding.

Sarah Rebecca2 and Jesse Harding had the following children:

  1. Warren G.3 Harding, b. abt. 1852 MS; d. abt 1877; m. 22 Apr. 1873, Roxanna (Roxie) Cockrill.
  2. Martha K. Harding, b1853 MS; d. 1927, Howard Co., TX.
  3. John H. Harding, b. abt. 1858MS; d. -?-.
  4. James Bonaparte Harding, b. 1859 MS; d. 1940, TX; m. 12 Nov. 1881, Rosa Anna Perkins.
  5. Jesse Warren Harding,b. 1862 MS; d. -?-.
  6. Elizabeth G. Harding, b. 1865 MS; d. 1924 TX; m. Harvey J. Graham.
  7. Giles A. Harding, b. 1867 MS; d. 1905 TX; m. Mary ?, b.Feb 1872 Ireland; d. bef.1920 TX.
  8. Reinzi (Rye) Harding, b. 1868 MS; d. 1950 TX; m. Daisy White, (2) Mary Willingham.

Additions and Corrections to James Monroe Lineage:

James Monroe Parks, a son of John and Martha Parks mentioned above, born in 1818, was an ancestor of Brad Gale PS#498 of Roosevelt, Utah.

James' first wife, Jane Hannah young, was born on 3 June 1830, Jefferson Co., AL, and died 2 December 1859, Clark Co., MS. She is buried in Fellowship Cemetery, Jasper Co., MS. More detailed information is now available concerning the names and dates of their children and some later descendants.

  1. John Thomas3 Parks, b. 25 Feb. 1847; d. 16 Mar. 1878; marr. Cynthia Hatton Edwards. She marr. (2) 11 May 1879 Joseph Yancey Tate.
  2. Warren M. Parks, b. 13 Apr. 1850; d. 28 Dec. 1860.
  3. Martha Adaline Winaford Parks (formerly Mattie), b. 11 Sep. 1852; d. 5 Jun. 1874.
  4. Elvira Angeline Parks (formerly Vira), b. 13 Aug. 1856; d. 22 Jan. 1870.
  5. Balzora Ann Parks, b. 20 Oct. 1857; d. 29 Dec. 1932.
  6. Infant3 Parks, b. Dec. 1859; d. Dec 1859.

Children of John Thomas3 Parks and Cynthia Hatton Edwards:

  1. Mary Jane4 Parks b. 1868 MS; d. 1868 MS.
  2. Lelia Antoinette Parks,b. 1870 MS; d. 1902 TX; m. 24 Sep. 1893 George P. Mason Sublett.
  3. James Alonzo Parks, b. 1872 AR ;d. 1962 TX; m. 2 Dec. 1896 Gertrude Evelyn Lindsey.
  4. Tom Olga Parks, b. 1874 AR; d. 1972; m. 11 Jun. 1899 Bobbie Millican.
  5. William Osko Parks, b. 1876 AR; d. 1876 AR.
  6. Infant Parks, b. 1878 AR; d. 1878 AR.

Balzora Ann3 Parks was known as Ann Lindsey. She married (1) on 8 Dec. 1878, in San Saba Co., TX, James Homer Gregory. The following information is taken from a letter dated July 9, 1960, written to Leatrice Pendray by a direct descendant of the Gregory family. The listing of the Gregory family branch is supposed to be based on a page from an old Bible kept by the letter writer's grandfather. Also, William Gregory, founder of this Gregory family in America, came to the Virginia Colony in the 1660s from Edenburgh, Scotland to preach the gospel. He was in Albemarle Colony and suffered many trials at the hands of representatives of the English (i.e., Anglican) Church in Virginia. William gave up his Chair at the University of Edingurgh when he was called by the Lord to go to America. He lived variously in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina seeking always for peace. His large family was scattered by the war. (It is not clear which war the writer had in mind, but the Revolution is possible.)

Homer Alonzo4 Gregory (son of Balzora Ann 3 Parks and James Homer Gregory) b. 1884 TX; d. 1948; married Dec 1904 Lena Rivers Jones. They had three children:

  1. Leatrice May5 Gregory, b. 1905; d. 1991; m. 27 Jun. 1927 G. Edward Pendray.
  2. Floy Anita Gregory, b. 1910; m. Carl Arvid Nelson.
  3. Leta Irene Gregory, b. 1911; m. Thomas Sliman.

Balzora Ann3 Parks married (2) James Hiram Lindsey, on 27 Nov. 1889, in Mills Co., TX. Their children:

  1. Andrew Jackson4 Lindsey, b. 6 Dec. 1890; m. 1 Jan 1916 Maudine Keith.
  2. Velma Edith Lindsey b. 26 Jan. 1893; never married.
  3. Balzora Ann Lindsey b. 27 Jul. 1895; d. 23 May 1897.
  4. Infant Lindsey, d. 22 Oct. 1897.
  5. Valveta Vivian Lindsey, b. 27 Aug. 1899; m. Gus L. Berry.
  6. Gladys Oneita Lindsey, b. 7 Feb. 1901; m. Roy Odom.

James Monroe2 Parks m. 92) 1869 to Martha Jane Amos. One child:

  1. Fannie Burnetti "Nellie" Parks, b. 1871; m. Andrew Jackson Harkey. They were parents of four sons:
    1. Otto A.4 Harkey m. Naomi Small.
    2. Ottis M. Harkey m. Madi Kirkpatrick.
    3. Olga Byran Harkey m. Bernice Baxter.
    4. Oral J. Harket m. Dorothy DeHart.

For more information on this lineage, please contact
Brad Gale PS#498
460 N. Hilcrest Dr. (415-4)
Roosevelt, UT 84066-2217